The PCP indoor option.

  • I see some people posting targets in the Range Report thread Daily.
    My job has me away from home 5 or 6 nights a week.
    I want to shoot from position.

    Air rifle at 5 or 10 meters may be an option.
    Looking at the ST200 sold by Champion's Choice.

    Just over $500.
    I think it is manufactured by CZ under contract. It is a discontinued model on the CZ USA page.
    Any experience with one?

  • @hypo
    Never owned one, but that thing looks awesome, right up your alley.

  • @mamalukino The Stock is very similar to the Klinsky I showed you a few months ago.

  • @hypo I contacted them and they said they would be in touch after shot show; however, I have not heard anything from them.
    I found a few other stocks and chassis systems that appeal to me a bit more as they are synthetic. GRS has 2 that I like, then the XLR and MDTs.

    On another note I have been thinking for the last 3-4 years of opening an indoor air gun range here just to be able to shoot a little distance. That rifle would fit the bill.

  • Indoor air rifle doesn't need much room. Nor does it need HV resistant walls and baffles. Noise SPL is lower.

    Were you thinking of it as a commercial venture?

    Might as well do paintball too.
    The refill tanks would be revenue.
    Old shopping and retail properties have plenty of room.

  • @hypo There is a lot of empty warehouse space close by that would work.
    The big obstacles are local ordinance restrictions and ridiculous rental prices.
    There are warehouses that have been vacant for a number of years but the owners will not drop their desired price. Most of the industrial areas on the island are owned by one entity. I can only assume that the vacant properties offset taxes to a degree that it is more beneficial empty than rented at a reduced rate.