Endless Possibilities

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    There are so many things that are possible in this life. The realm of possibilities has not even been close to being fully realized. Just over 100 years ago, human flight was considered impossible. Just over 150 years ago, “horseless buggies” or what we now know as cars were considered impossible. Athletic records have been set and are constantly broken down through history. We don’t fully comprehend the realm of possibility in this wonderful world that God has given us.

    So we choose our way in this life. We choose what we will do in this life to make a living. We choose whether we are a banker, a car salesman, a housewife, or a waiter. We choose whether we are a flight attendant or a scam artist. The realm of possibilities is absolutely endless in the world and is constantly changing. 20 years ago it would have been considered ridiculous to think that someone could make a living by uploading home videos to the internet. Yet today there are thousands of people who make their living doing just that. There are endless possibilities for our occupation in this life.

    Yet there is more to who we are than just our job. We also choose who we are. We choose how we react to people, how we treat people, and what our character is like. We choose whether to do good or evil. We choose whether we want to fight the constant wickedness in this world, go along with it, or be a part of that wickedness. We choose whether we will stand and fight for good, truth, justice, and righteousness, or not. We choose whether to be faithful to God and trust in Him, or to turn away from Him and do things our own way. We choose whether to serve our creator or serve Satan. When we look at the moral possibilities for this life, they are endless.

    One thing that we fail to realize is that each of our choices ultimately comes down to one main choice. We choose good or evil. There are endless possibilities within those two choices, but ultimately each decision we make will either lead us to good, or lead us to evil. Our job, our spouse, how we treat others, our morality, our acceptance or rejection of truth, every single decision we make either leads us to good or leads us to evil. Many people live their lives simply going with the flow and taking the easiest route possible. Make no mistake, this also is a decision that has been made.

    Solomon was the wisest man to live in his day. He was given this great wisdom by God and he shared some insight from the wisdom that he gained. Solomon reminds us that we must choose good in our lives because we will one day stand before the almighty God and be judged. Ecclesiastes 12:14 says, “God will bring every work into judgment, Including every secret thing, Whether good or evil.” Each time we make a decision, no matter how small, we must be sure that we choose good, right, and truth.

    Yet Solomon gives more wisdom for the decisions we make. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in the grave, to which you are going.” Solomon realized that the possibilities for life are endless. We must always choose to do good, yet even in doing good the possibilities are endless. One thing that Solomon encouraged man to do is to put their entire might into whatever they chose to do. We must not be happy with laziness, mediocrity, or just getting by with just good enough. If we are not happy with our decision in life, then change them. Decide to make changes, go in a different direction, do something different, but remember to always make sure that the direction we go is right and good. Choose Good. Then whatever GOOD direction we go, follow that path with all of our might.