• She should start rolling in sometime tomorrow and by Saturday be on shore completely. The evening forecast send the storm more south of us we'll just have to see. One of the main reasons I want to move from here.

  • Weatherman at ten tonight said something about category 1 by landfall. That should be interesting.

  • Yikes. Hope y’all stay safe

  • Having a secure place to hide from severe weather is very important!

  • This one doesn't have time to get too strong and there is a big high pressure ridge over Texas that is forcing it south. Good news for me but might cause some grief towards Corpus. We still will be on the dirty side for some rain. I just hope the thing keeps moving and makes rain in deep South Texas where it's in a severe drought. We have rode a couple of these out here but it's not too smart especially with a big tidal surge. The other one that is down around the Yucatan is worth watching it has plenty of time to get really dangerous. The experts did say there is a lot of wind shear it will enter and might weaken it and maybe dissipate.

  • Be safe, Bigfoot. I have to admit I’m pulling for a big , sloppy wet mess to run through NE Llano Co. My range is dry as a chip right now and weeks of 100+ days are not helping. Today was about the 15th consecutive day over 105 in San Marcos.

    We took over the silhouette range today and practiced mirage corrections. Plenty of mirage on the rock pile in New Braunfels. My best was a little less than 0.5 MOA @ 500 meters with my 45-70 BPCR rig. First sighter was 8 MOA high x 5 MOA right. Just cranked it in and started poking a hole in the ram. Martin was shooting palm sized groups on the ram with my old 38-55. We traded rifles just before Commie flu, so both of us are sure we got the good side of the trade.

  • @rr2241tx We're safe from wind since Hanna went south but have been getting some not so needed rain on the coast. Of course Houston is getting drenched and they will be rescuing idiots off the roofs of cars before it's over with. Right now it's coming down pretty good almost straight down here. It doesn't look like much if any will get to the Pearsall area maybe later on they sure need it and I know you all do in the hill country. We ventured out yesterday because the realtor was showing our house and lots of cotton along coastal highway 35 was already defoliated and plenty busting out of the bolls. This rain will ruin lots of it and I haven't seen a module truck down here yet even if it was picked. It's kind of early for cotton and lots of the farms are done combining maize and corn. Still many acres of corn in the fields. One of my friends still farms rice and they were in the process of harvesting last week trying to work around the pop up showers we were getting. Like he said they were one of the few dumb enough to grow the stuff but their land isn't much use for anything else. Here come the mosquitoes in about a week.

  • @bigfoot I've noticed in recent years from various news sources on the internet that Huston residents like to drive around in flood waters. lol

  • @orkan Apparently it's quite popular there. In reality when it rains the freeways become rivers and Houston has lots of cars and lots of operators that have only one thing on their minds and that is getting from point A to point B. They have flood gauges on the off ramps and underpasses but coming off the freeway doing eighty doesn't give you much reaction time. About as close as I get to Houston proper is Sugarland and I almost got trapped there one time. I don't know anything about Los Angeles traffic or any of the other major cities but I do know I am incapable of piloting a vehicle in Houston therefore I stay the hell away. I had to go there one time to get a LPG certification to fill DOT cylinders for a job I had and I rode with my boss. A car passed us doing about seventy by a chick that was driving while reading a magazine on the steering wheel while she had her right leg up on the dash shaving it. I don't know how she managed the gas pedal when it was time to shave her left leg I guess she poked it out the window. Another game they play is high speed freeway crossing at night. Easy way to get knocked out of your shoes.

  • Harris Co. (Houston) is a blue spot on the Texas map. That may help you understand why they think a Welfare Cadillac is amphibious.

  • They have cute nicknames for the mayor and the County Judge there. I forget the millions of dollars they were given under this mayors term to rebuild houses that flooded during Harvey but I believe only fourteen or so were rebuilt. Talk about a swamp and I'm not referring to the kind alligators swim in.

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