Ballistic App Options

  • Looking to put an app on my Android, and seeking feedback as to what are good choices on the market right now. There are a couple of threads here discussing this, but they are all at least 2 years old. That is a long time in the technology world, things can change a lot in that time period.

    I had planned to just start with the AB app. But when I went to look at it, I was looking at some of the reviews and saw that AB has not solved the problem of no cloud connection capabilities. I see where AB have been promising a solution to this for about 3 years, and have not delivered anything to this point. Not having this capability in 2020 seems a bit troublesome to me.

    Anyway, I really know nothing about what makes an app practical in the field, thus why I asked for advice here.

  • BallisticARC and the Hornady 4dof app are both worth a look.

  • @flyinphill I primarily use AB these days.

  • @orkan They are cheap enough that I ended up deciding I would just pick one, buy it, and use it for a while. Once I am competent with it, I will pick a different one and use it, then probably another one or two after that. Really the only way to know what works for me. I started with Strelok Pro today at my range trip. No real reason to pick this one first, just happened to be the one I was looking at when I decided to go this route.

    Since you use AB, are the complaints about no cloud access and no way to transfer information valid?

  • @flyinphill If you aren't asking much of them, they'll all work.

    If you're looking for absolute first round hits in field conditions... they get separated from there based on who's gui is more intuitive. Some are superior at computing accurate firing solutions. Some are not. Some will compute for aerodynamic jump, some will not.

    I've not yet had to move it from phone to phone, so I don't know if it would lose all my profiles during that process or not. Either way, there's nothing I can't pretty easily re-enter.

  • @orkan I am so far from things like aerodynamic jump at this point. If I am going to think about things jumping, I should probably figure out how to keep the bipod from jumping off the ground first.

    To put where I am at in perspective, I don't even have a way to chrono yet. Today I entered in a guess on my speed based on a published article about testing factory match ammo in a gun almost identical to mine. Only that one had a 24" or 26" and mine is a 20". I guessed a reduced value, and It worked OK. I have never shot at anything past 100yd paper until today. My first ever round thrown at steel I hit a full size IPSC target at 411m first shot. But once we got out further it was obvious that my velocity is actually lower than what I used. And we won't even talk about trying to read wind and mirage.

    So at this point this is really about immersing myself deeper into the technology and the technicalities of the discipline. I have so much to learn. Anything at this point can only help.

    PS: I already figured I would probably try AB next.

  • I changed phones and Shooter was easy to load on the new phone, AB Tactical requires contacting the AB tech guy Doc and getting info from him. Havent had time to go through the whole process yet so I've been using Shooter even though ABT is a superior product.