McMillan Marbled finish in cerakote!

  • I asked Daniel @ Primal Finish if he thought he could cerakote match my B&T Super-CAL bipod to the McMillan McWoody finish on my TS Customs RimX. He said, "Sure, send me some pictures of it." A few weeks later this is what showed up!


    Pictures truly don't do it justice. In person it looks very close. Through talking about it with Daniel, if I were to send him my stock, he could do a much closer match for any accessories I would want done. The molded-in marbled finish on the McMillans is very popular. I have several of them, and it's very cool that I can now get some matching accessories if I want!

    In the future, if I send pictures, he'll do his best at matching it, but if the product arrives and isn't right to my eye, I can pay to have it done again. Pictures can be very deceiving due to lighting and various screens displaying them strangely. So Primal Finish can not be held accountable for making it a 100% match. In this instance it's obvious he did a great job! Otherwise, if I send the stock I want matched with my accessories, then he'll be able to get it right with much more certainty.

    I'm definitely very happy with it and it looks like it's made for the rifle. I'm a firm believer in having individual accessories to be used on specific rifles, so I elected to go with the Mlok atlas mount, so this bipod isn't coming off that rifle without tools. Very sturdy setup for a purpose-built target rifle.

  • Greg I was wondering how you are enjoying the A5A stock and how you would compare it to the A3A Mcmillan.

  • @steelbanger For a full on heavy-weight build... they are pretty nice. I have a bunch of A3A's, and they have a much more slim forearm and no hook in the rear. So if big and heavy is the goal, as it was here, the A5A's with sniper fill like this are about as chunky as you get.