22LR Barrel Cleaning

  • It's truly not necessary to clean 22LR bores as often as people think.

  • Thanks Greg I enjoyed your video.

  • I have a question concerning barrel cleaning. In general I agree people clean more than is needed but what about when load testing. There’s a lot of good info out there but it’s buried under myth & theories and is almost impossible to separate. I just received a new Bergara B14R Trainer and have a stock of 22 to test. Is it necessary To clean between loads if their from the same or similar manufacturer. Testing Lapua Center X , Polar Biathlon & several SK loads. I would think, possibly wrongly that they all use the same lube. Should I push a few patches down the bore or just shoot a few 5 shot groups of each and see where it goes. Also how bad is it to run the copper wash 22’s thru your barrel. For cheap plinking and critter control I have a pile of that stuff. If I use it do I need to scrub the bore down to bare metal or just run a nylon brush with some Hoppie’s and a few patches before going back to the good stuff or avoid the cheap stuff altogether

    Thanks for any and all help on this.

  • @cjb9362 said in 22LR Barrel Cleaning:

    I would think, possibly wrongly that they all use the same lube.

    They do not use the same lube. The big 3 all use different stuff to my knowledge.

    You don't need to clean between ammo types if you shoot at least 25 rounds of the new type before using those results. I generally put a box of 50 through before I trust what I see.

    Conversely, if you clean, you'll need to fire at least a box to see what's going on anyway after cleaning the barrel. Sometimes a LOT more, depending on the bore. If you've been paying attention to the main TS Customs RimX I've been working with... I have not cleaned it since it was new, and I've swapped ammo types dozens of times.

    If you go to cheap cci wax-based stuff... or worse yet, copper plated/washed... then you're on your own. I would never consider firing CCI through a high end target rifle that I cared about. You can clean it out... but I just refuse to run the risk of making more work for myself.

  • @orkan
    Wow I did not expect to get a reply so quick. THANK YOU very much. Yes I have been following your RimX reviews. Actually I been watching your you tube channel. Some very good info in them. So if my reading comprehension is still on point, just run a box of a new load thru the rifle before testing ?..... The B14R is not in the same game as a RimX or V22 so I’m not expecting groups in the 3’s. I’ll be happy if I get in the 5 or 6 range. I have a good supply of SK Magazine on the low end, Standard +, Match Rifle & Lapua Center X. I’ll see what shoots acceptable. Not shooting benchrest. We have a steel pig match. 6”X8” steel pigs at 225 yards. And a NRL22 match every month. So finding a load that will give good results with accuracy and availability in mind. Thank you for the help...