Car salesmen are pretty shitty people...

  • Every time I go vehicle shopping, I loathe the process. Car sales has to be one of the most despicable professions on earth. They are just bitchy people. Try to work a deal with them and they constantly berate you as if you're trying to literally starve their children to death. They generally don't know shit about the vehicles they are selling, new or used. They truly delight at their customers misfortune.

    Is there a better way to buy a new vehicle these days than dealing with these lot-crawling subhumans?

  • My latest technique is to go to the car show. All the major brands are there and you can compare them multiple times and in a short period of time. Once I have the model down, I use the "get quote" option through a pricing site like Kelly's Blue Book. I send emails to literally every dealer around and basically negotiate over email. The last car required me to drive two hours away but I got a great price. I think this method allows me to cover more ground and increase my chances of finding the most motivated dealer.

  • Also some companies like USAA, AAA and Costco have fleet pricing which helps get the price down. Most the time it's substantially cheaper than the dealers "best offer."

    Then, if you have the means at the time, pay cash after the dealer comes down to the fleet price. I find that gives even more leverage to get the price down a little more, because they can actually see a big envelope of cash walking out the door if they say no to your offer.

    I've done this for the last two cars I bought new (only two I've bought new) and my price was a good bit lower than the prices others said they paid, online.

    Also maybe drive to Montana or the nearest state without sales tax (this only works if you're close otherwise the gas offsets the savings). 4% sales tax is a lot lower than here, (it's almost 10%) but no sales tax is even lower.
    Also I don't care if their kids starve. Just my technique, your mileage may vary.