Ship Kit from Primal Finish arrived!

  • I told him what my rifle configuration was, and he shipped me out a box with custom cut foam, packing tape, pen, instructions, and extra foam wedges. Everything I need to ship a rifle and my accessories securely in one box. I hate tracking down packing material to ship things. This made the process super easy! Everything I needed showed up at my door! I had it all boxed up and ready for UPS pickup in just a few minutes.


  • Got a package yesterday!


    This rifle left here in worse shape than any other rifle I own. It was a CMP rifle that showed up without a bolt, and the barrel showed up with tons of rust pitting when I received it. Wayne and I converted it into a repeater, and the PTG bolt was still in the white. Custom bottom metal was dropped into a standard BDL inlet, and of course the BDL has that recessed perimeter. The stock had all kinds of pinholes in the finish, several voids and problems. It was a very poorly finished Manners T6A.

    Well Daniel @ Primal Finish completely fixed all of the problems in that stock as well as all the rust pitting in the barrel and the ugly unfinished metal components. I've been shooting this 40X repeater rifle heavily for a lot of years, but it remained ugly. Now it's finally "finished!"



    Here's the nasty rust pitting on the barrel.

    The bottom metal inlet all fixed up.

    The nasty void in the stock exterior as well as pinholes everywhere.

    I had some magazines done too!

    All was filled, fixed, and professionally cerakoted with Primal Finish proprietary Phantom pattern using my chosen colors! I couldn't be happier with how this rifle has turned out. I sent a totally tore up rifle and Primal Finish returned a work of perfection. The atlas bipod and TBAC 22 takedown suppressor were done to match!

  • Looks really nice great job Primal Finish.

  • Wow, I saw some bolded text

  • @rhyno said in Ship Kit from Primal Finish arrived!:

    Wow, I saw some bolded text


  • @orkan hmm, I was typing something then I thought eh I don't really need to post that. Thought I backed out but must not have.

    I was gonna say, wow I saw some photos on Instagram and never would have guessed that was one of your rifles. @dddoo7 did a great job.

    But I got to the saw some part and thought, eh this really doesn't need to be said and it could be taken the wrong way.