Finally Got One-Now What to do With It

  • I took my own advice from another thread and traded away something that has been sitting unused for a couple of years. It was one of those purchases where you liked the idea of owning something more than actually owning it. So I had the opportunity to move it a slight loss and get something else I have been coveting for a long time:

    0_1587863244832_40X Left Full-No SN.jpg
    0_1587864715126_40X Right Receiver Stock Rot.jpg
    0_1587865993153_40X Left Receiver No SN.jpg

    Now that I finally found one at the right deal, I am not sure what I want to do with it. I always figured in the past to use it as a base for an aftermarket build, but now the RimX has kind of made that seem not so logical. I would have always had trouble cutting one of these up to turn into something else anyway, I mean it is not like there are ever going to be any more made.

    I have fired a few rounds through it, but nothing to really know much about it, other than it goes bang. Well, more like pop. I am not sure that my eyesight is good enough any more to use the sight that it on it. Maybe a bipod and potentially a scope, nothing that can't be undone, and keep it all original other than that.

  • I will always have a soft spot for this vintage of 22's...both the winchester's and the 40x's. At this time, I would not start a "modern" build on one due to the technology of the RimX being available. When I built my 40x, that was really the only quality option available for a modern repeater. However, I have a RimX on the way and my "modern" built 40x is still not for sale.

    If I were pursuing a 40x at this point it would be from a purist standpoint. If I wanted a scope, it would be a Unertl from the same period. Any accessories would be Freeland or similar. Handstops, bottom hand grips, butt hooks, etc. You might even find a period correct front rest instead of a bipod. All of this would allow you to shoot the rifle as it would have been shot 50+ years ago.

    If you want a modern built 22lr, then go the RimX route. Just my opinon.

  • Modifying that rifle would be a sin. Times have changed. The RimX didn't exist back when we were modifying 40X's. ... and even then I would have advised you to not modify this one. CMP guns with mismatched bolts, of no collector value were typically hosts for conversions.

    Something like this deserves to be left as is. If the barrel is drilled for scope bases, get the right set of bases and a period-correct Unertl 2" of your choosing and be happy with that historic combination.

    Give me a call anytime and we can get you started down the road of a RimX build for your repeater/field rifle needs. Gone are the days of carving up pieces of history to solve the problem.

  • I agree with both of you on this one. I am a car guy, and it drives me nuts to see people taking really clean, original antique cars and cutting them up to turn them into hot rods. If it has already been modified, needs tons of rust/repair work, etc, that is one thing. But to carve up a piece of irreplaceable history, that crosses the line for me.

    So as soon as I took this one out of the box, I knew there was no way I was going anything crazy to this one. This one is not perfect, but it is 50 years old, and has been used like it was intended. It shows small signs of life as a firearm with an actual purpose, but nothing more than character that I can see. The guy I bought it from had it for his son and daughter to use in rifle competitions. They are older now,and moved up to bigger stuff. so he decided to move it out of his collection. I have a 5 year old granddaughter, so there is a good chance this will be her introduction to firearms. Keep the cycle moving, while preserving this piece of history.

  • @orkan When it come to period-correct equipment on something like this, I simply don't know enough about them. The receiver is drilled on top like any Remington, and there are 2 holes in the barrel forward of the receiver about 7-8 inches. I assume this is what you are referring to.
    0_1587922889624_40X Top Receiver & Barrel.jpg

    I have also never used an older scope like those Unertls, so I wouldn't know how to figure out what is appropriate. How good is the glass in them?

  • @flyinphill said in Finally Got One-Now What to do With It:

    How good is the glass in them?

    Quite good. Unexpectedly good actually.

    Having said that, it just depends on what you want to do with the rifle. If fixed distance target shooting is the desired application, then an Unertl would be very fitting. Not required, but fitting... if the historic nature is what you're after.

    If not, then a seekins picatinny rail and an optic of your choice would be just fine.

  • @orkan My conundrum with it is that I don't really know what I want to do with it yet. I wasn't actively seeking one with an intended purpose, just keeping the option open if the right one came around.

    At one level, it would be cool to put a period-correct scope on it. I love the look of those guns, similar to the one you have posted pics of before. But then on the other hand, I do want to actually use it, not just leave it in a box somewhere. I never wanted to own a car that sat in the garage just to look at and say I have, and I don't want a gun that sits in the safe for the same reason. A period correct scope just seems like it limits the actual usability of the gun.

    I mostly lost my primary spot to shoot centerfire last year, all the public ranges are shut down right now, and all the private ranges have put their new member orientations on hold for now. But I do have places to shoot rimfire, so I would like to actually use this one.

    I need to just go shoot it with the sight on it now, see if I can use it, and go from there.

  • @flyinphill so do you want to use it mostly for 50yd target shooting? If so, an Unertl would be perfect. That’s what that rifle was built for.

  • @orkan Probaly 25-50yds, primarily off a bipod I would expect. Training for centerfire is the main goal for me.

    I am going to keep a watch on that Unertl on GB you linked. Looks to be in good shape, and the seller has stellar reviews.

    What distance would that 15x be good for? Is it too much for 25yds?

  • @flyinphill said in Finally Got One-Now What to do With It:

    Is it too much for 25yds?

    No. Real easy to use a 15x unertl at 25 and 50yds.