TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles

  • We are proud to begin offering TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles!

    Call us anytime to inquire! - 605-554-1911

    These products will be held to the same exacting tolerances and standards you've all known and love from other TS Customs and Primal Rights products. The Zermatt Arms RimX action is at the heart of an explosion of innovation in the rimfire world, and we're proud to be exclusively partnered with TS Customs to bring our unique understanding and experience with precision rimfire to our customers!

    See this RimX introduction thread to learn more about the capabilities of these actions and rifles:
    TS Customs RimX Build - The first 1000 rounds.

    Pricing below is subject to change as time progresses, but if we take a deposit from you, your price is locked in at the agreed pricing we give during that call.

    Pre-fit RimX barrels - Starting at $850
    This price is including a Benchmark 3-groove 16.5" twist blank , choice of two primary contours, (M24 & Light magnum) threaded 1/2x28 on the muzzle.
    Add $175 for flutes - Straight, spiral, and diamond options.
    Add $100 for single color Cerakote of your choice on barrel only.

    Barreled Actions - Starting at $2200
    All of the upgrades for barrel options also apply to barreled actions. We will provide Triggertech Special and Diamond triggers with ProCurve shoes at the going rate with these barreled actions as well. Special's are approximately $220, and Diamonds approximately $295. (subject to change)
    Add $250 for single color Cerakote on barreled action

    Complete rifles - $3000 and up
    Complete rifles are handled just as a traditional custom build, if we do not have the rifle in stock. We can discuss all manner of options regarding stocks and accessories. We can provide complete packages to include bipods, optics, mounts, drag bags, etc. We can provide an entry level chassis system for minimal cost, such as a KRG Bravo... or we can do a high end McMillan stock with TS Customs hardware and other accessories. All the details can be worked out over the phone.

    Deposits on pre-order and custom orders are to be paid in advance by check, and are non-refundable.
    Pre-fit barrels - $400
    Barreled actions - $1500
    Complete rifles - $2500

    We can provide ammo that is lot tested and matched to your barreled action or rifle, and fits with your comfortable budget.


  • Three quick questions. Is the receiver on your rifle the factory nitride finish or cerakoted? Barrel length is 26 inches? One magazine included? I promise I won't ask you why you were out shooting in freezing temps.

  • @bigfoot said in TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles:

    Is the receiver on your rifle the factory nitride finish or cerakoted?

    Factory nitride.

    @bigfoot said in TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles:

    Barrel length is 26 inches?

    Yes, 26"

    @bigfoot said in TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles:

    One magazine included?

    Yup, one magazine included. Extras are $130 each if memory serves. I have 5...and I recommend no fewer than 2 total.

  • Sorry if I'm asking the same question.
    I know @ orkan's rimx has a 26" barrel, but are all the "pre-fits" going to be made to 26" length? Or can customers order to a shorter desired length?

  • @midwestside said in TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles:

    Or can customers order to a shorter desired length?

    You can order any length you like. :) I'll talk you through pro's and cons.

  • What are the contour specs for the light magnum?
    I am not seeing it here:

  • @midwestside If you pull up Benchmark's countour chart, here's what the numbers are for the TS Customs Light Magnum contour:

    A - 1.200"
    B - 2.75"
    C - .750"
    D - 26"
    E - 27"
    F - 6"
    G - .850

  • I got another dumb question-but I see a few guys in the other rimx thread have barrels in the works, so maybe it might benefit others too:

    Will a standard two-lug rear entry action wrench for (r700, impact,surgeon, etc) work to torque this barrel/action combo?

    I recently slid the wrench in after removing the ejector and while it fit, there was some play and this action&bolt are different enough from my other clones where it gives me some apprehension about putting the recommended torque to it when the barrel arrives.

  • I'll ping @tscustoms, as he would know the answer to this question much better than I.

  • I prefer to use the proper wrench for each action. I would buy the Zermatt action wrench.

  • Nothing wrong with the Viper vice for the hobbyist removing and re-installing custom barrels either. A couple wraps of paper around your barrel and you won't leave any marks in your cerakote job.

    I would NOT recommend the Viper for trying to remove factory installed barrels of any kind. A steel vise is necessary for that.


  • 0_1591316286906_9A892DC3-E893-45B2-9B4D-4DAFFEB686B6.jpeg
    Hobbyist vice is ready to complete the ol’ garden gun. Just missing one key component ;-)

  • We have @tpk936's rifle ready to go. Ran some R50 through it this morning to make sure everything was working well and shooting nicely. Definitely has some great potential. With the right lot number of ammo, it will print some little ones for sure!


    First 3 bulls on target are getting a rough zero. The rest are on video. These first few rounds are definitely indicative that it'll be a shooter. It will take a few hundred rounds for the barrel to settle down a bit. It'll also take some good lot testing to reveal its full capabilities. Bit breezy with some storms rolling around, but calm enough to have a look.

  • @orkan Looks awesome and shoots very nice. I have the enhanced vertical grip and bag slider to add to chassis. Thanks for posting. I am very, very excited about this rifle. A nice Fathers Day surprise. Thank You

  • We have a TS Customs RimX barreled action with Triggertech Diamond trigger and a 20" Paradigm carbon barrel threaded 1/2x28 w/ thread protector available to go to a new owner. This setup has exactly 1000 rounds through it, and was built specifically to see what the barrel was capable of. Various lots of RWS R50, Lapua Center X, and Polar Biathlon were fired at 50yds in varying conditions. It seems to have a preference for polar biathlon, but shot everything OK. With the right lot number, I think it would do well for a lightweight setup. A few more flyers than we see with the Benchmark barrels, which are our go-to blanks for these RimX's. Test targets are provided below, so you know just exactly what you're getting. If you're after the most precise and accurate 22lr ever made, this isn't it. However, a lightweight carbon setup isn't exactly my first choice when the utmost level of precision and accuracy is the goal. This would be a great setup for a pickup or a side-by-side.

    Action functioned flawlessly for every round fired. Point of impact showed no discernible shift in zero when a Thunderbeast 22 takedown suppressor was attached, which is very cool and likely due to the very rigid Paradigm barrel. The more rounds that got put through it, the better it shot. Very likely will continue to improve for a bit.

    $2500 for the barreled action with trigger, as is. (nothing else included) + shipping to your FFL. We can pair this up with a McMillan A3A Edge (carbon fiber) stock and the full TS Customs treatment with custom inlet, bedding, TS Customs adjustable cheek, Hawkins bottom metal, Mlok rail in forearm, flush cups, etc for an additional $1500-$2000. (depending on your stock option choices) Payment by check or E-check only. Call 605-554-1911 to purchase or inquire with questions.

    Rifle and target pics in no particular order.


  • Greg, I came across this today and just wondering if you have any knowledge on the product or thoughts on the product.


  • @tpk936 Saw it a few months back when it was announced. Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

  • @orkan I may look into after I play with the 22 for a while. Interesting that can be used with a suppressor. Thanks

  • I looked into one of Eric Cortina's tuners (EC Tuner ) and sent him a message via Facebook to see if he made one for 1/2x28 threads. The style he makes requires a second thread on the barrel behind the muzzle threads for attachment so the brake doesn't interfere with muzzle devices. If he made me a 1/2x28 brake it would be a direct attachment to my existing threads. The Kinetic Security tuner works in the same way from what I gather but looks like it will throw the timing off of a brake unless you shim somehow. The thickness of the shoulder could be calculated to match one revolution knowing the thread pitch. ( I think? ) Pretty neat set up regardless as opposed to clamp on which have been around for a while.

  • @bigfoot said in TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles:

    but looks like it will throw the timing off of a brake unless you shim somehow.

    Self timing brake solves that.

    We'll have some RimX's available with EC tuners in the future.

  • @orkan I just watched the entire video. Kind of was distracted earlier. Looks like they are in stock, 200 smackers for a 1/2x28.

  • The RimX showed up today. I picked up after work headed home to put on EVG, bag slider and quickly set up cheek and pull.. Mounted a scope bore sighted and went out at dusk on my 35 yard range. I shoot out of garage into woods. I used GECO ammo. I took one shot (dot in middle of no where) aim point center dot,dialed in and put 29 shots on target. Shot off of knees with rifle on a low table. Not the best position but no time to move things around.
    First impressions are how nice the action is, very tight and smooth. The trigger is delightful. This 22 has major potential. I am impressed with this 22lr and I can quickly see how it will be one of my favorites. Looking forward to first day I can get to the range.
    Thank You Greg and Travis this gun is awesome.

  • Glad you're liking it! I'm glad to see it's doing well with the can.

  • @orkan The can had been cleaned before putting on. It functions flawlessly and It sets up perfectly for me. This is my 5th MPA chassis and they just seem to work for me. I especially like the EVG. It also did okay with the GECO. Should get to the range soon to shoot some at 50 yards. I will keep you posted. Everything you talked about in your video about the RimX is spot on. Thanks again to you and Travis it is a sweet rifle.

  • @tpk936 a quick 90 tonight. Wind was swirling. This thing is awesome.

  • Lookin good!

  • That's a nice tumbler, I have one, an 18# brass Thumler also. Oh, the rifle yes, it's not nice it's nnnnnice! Enjoy!

  • @tpk936 said in TS Customs RimX Pre-fit Barrels, Barreled Actions, & Complete rifles:

    @tpk936 a quick 90 tonight. Wind was swirling. This thing is awesome.

    I am really anxious To get mine. Travis will get it put together as soon as McMillian gets around to shipping the stock.

  • @dddoo7 you are going to really like the RimX.

  • Tested another TS Customs RimX build last night. 26" M24 barrel, Foundation stock, S&B optic.

    Bulls 4-5 were zeroing. The rest are 5 shot groups @ 50yds. Top 2 rows were with one lot of R50, bottom row was a different lot of R50. This was in very low light with a 7-12mph crosswind. This rifle really shoots. That group in the sighter bull is crazy small. That's 5 shots. Bulls 2, 7, and 12 are crazy good also. Too dark to get a decent picture of the rifle.


  • @orkan after a lot more shooting it only likes the can when it is clean. I have a kinectic tuner coming. I have been shooting it without the can at the range. It is shooting very nice. I am interested to see how it does with the tuner.

  • Yup, I'm interested in whether that tuner can counter the dirty suppressor experiences that you and others have. I look forward to your report.