TS Customs RimX Build - The first 1000 rounds.

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    Did the tuner improve accuracy?

    I'll let you know if the wind ever stops blowing. It's literally been 30mph every single day since I put the tuner on. ;)

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    Oops, there's a .105 group. Gee whiz.

    Pretty sure my smallest with this rifle so far is 0.043"... on camera anyway. I think I've shot some smaller ones when I wasn't recording.

  • @tpk936 Well the wind is blowing 10mph+, so it's not optimal conditions for rimfire testing by any measure... but after 3 straight days of 30mph+... I wanted to shoot. The tuner appears to be helping. Tuner is set on 0.0, and I'm not going to bother looking for a node until my new batch of ammo arrives and I have a dead calm day.

    I'll need a few hundred more rounds to really confirm, but it feels like the rifle is shooting better. If I'd have fired one more group and it would have been in the .1's like the rest, that would have been my best 6x5 fired to date. It will be fun working with this on a nice calm day and my new lot #'s of ammo.


  • @orkan looks good, thanks for update. It appears the tuner is keeping that one shot from slipping out here and there. Look forward to additional posts especially when the wind calms down. Nice work.

  • @tpk936 Yeah, I don't want to give the impression that this is going to be revolutionary or anything. Tuners on 22lr in high precision disciplines are considered required equipment. It's a long standing belief that tuners help, but I wanted to really hammer it home how the rifle shot without the tuner, and I'll do the same now with the tuner, and we'll get an average of how much it helped, if at all. The rifle has demonstrated .26" consistently, so we'll see what it does on the regular with this tuner.

  • Some 125yd performance. :)

  • 250rnds later and I've got a nice tuner setting with some Lapua Center-X. I wanted to get dialed in with it, just for science to see how closely it will match up with a few lot numbers of R50.


  • I finally had a decent condition. One of the first times this spring I've had the wind this steady. Wind was barely tugging 2-5mph, but had a nice steady wide pace to the changes in intensity... and I cranked off 6 good groups with one absolute stunner. Might be the smallest group I've shot to date with a rimfire. Best news... I shot it on camera. This tuner has pulled a solid tenth of an inch out of my group size, on average.

    Distance - 50yds
    Ammo - RWS R50

    6x5 with an average of 0.128".

    Here's the target:

    Here's the video:

  • alt text

  • Good thing I got some new contacts that sharpened my vision, I wouldn't have been able to see those 3rd and 4th shots take out a sliver of paper.

  • Just got confirmation from the guy that runs the 6x5 challenge:

    This is the smallest avg group size and smallest individual group size to ever have been submitted in all the years the 6x5 has been running. ... and I'm the only one to have the submission on video. :)

  • gNesL9Rh.jpg

  • @orkan If I didn't know Greg I'd have a hard time believing those groups are real.

  • @orkan how are you dealing with the parallax? I thought that they only go down to about 50 yards, did they change it or has it not been a big issue?

  • @rhyno They go down to about 40'ish yards... but are only "rated" for 50yds. Also, I'm only really shooting it at 50yds and beyond. Not doing any 25yd stuff.

  • @martino1 Apparently they aren't real. Could be as much as 40 thousandths of error, according to the internets analyzing of my pictures.

    Good thing I'm only competing with myself.

  • @orkan were it anyone else I probably would not believe it. Those groups are pretty incredible. I had a hard time seeing some of the impacts because they were so tight. Not something I’ve experienced at the range.... Ever and I’ve been around a while..

  • What kind of tuner is that and how is it mounted?

  • @martino1 Harrell. Clamp on.

  • Three more lot numbers of R50 showing great promise. If I ever get a calm day... I can actually get some work done with it.


  • Believe him when he says some of the lot numbers are pretty good. Wayne

  • Over 7,000 rounds fired through this rifle at the time the below targets were shot. Neither the bore nor the chamber has been cleaned.

    Still wasn't calm today, but the wind was somewhat steady anyway. All 5-shot groups @ 50yds.

  • Continued lot verification testing. It'll take quite a bit of shooting, during better conditions, to declare a winner. First round of the day was out a little bit, but not by a ton.


  • 500 rounds through the RimX this morning in 5-18mph wind. Top target is 10-shot groups.



  • https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDRWz85pjey/

    A bunch of nice little groups, as well as 5 flies killed with 5 shots today. :)


  • @orkan I wouldn't want one of them big juicy flies nibbling on the back of my head. Looks like they are part vampire or something.