What Next?

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    It seems the last few weeks that we have less and less going on, yet more and more going on around us. We are “quarantined” at home which is making it difficult for many people. Many people are struggling to make ends meet because they cannot work. Others are struggling to keep food in the house because they are not supposed to go shopping. It has been a struggle in many ways. However, the struggles of the last few weeks also come with many blessings. I talked to a mother who cried as she told me that her family has eaten supper together every night for the last few weeks. She said that she couldn't remember the last time they had done that. We are seeing mothers and fathers spending much needed time with their children instead of dropping them off at daycare. America is much more like the 1950’s where family was important and they spent quality time together. There is a blessing in these trying times for families.

    There is a blessing in these trying times for the church. There are many people struggling in our communities. There are people facing great needs and we have opportunity to show them that we care. When we see a neighbor in need we have a great opportunity to help them, to show them that we care. Also, during the last few weeks, more congregations than ever before have started using digital tools to teach. While these digital tools are not the same as standing face to face with one another, they really are a blessing during a time when assembling together in person is difficult. This will also provide a great opportunity for those who are shut in to fellowship on some level with us even after all of this has passed.

    There is a blessing for our country. As a country we often view ourselves as the strongest, most authoritative power that exists. Yet all it has taken is a small, microscopic virus to put our nation on its knees. I am proud to be an American and thankful to be a part of this great nation, however this nation is not perfect. This nation has swayed farther and farther from God with each passing year I have seen. This virus will be a wake up call to some causing them to realize the that the true supreme power is not this country.

    There is a blessing for the individual Christian. This is an opportunity to grow in our faith and trust in God. James 1:3 says, “The trying of your faith works patience (endurance).” God is still in control and always has been. If we stay faithful to God, everything will work out for good (Romans 8:28). We can trust that no matter what is going on around us, God is still in control and still working all of these bad things for good.

    What does tomorrow hold? When will this all pass? Will I suffer with this virus? Will we as a nation recover from this dark time? I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to these questions. However I do know that God is in control. I do know that through faith we can overcome this world and all of the dark times in it. I do know that God will use every single thing in our lives to accomplish good! I do know that through Him, I can endure!