Noteworthy Local News

  • Just an idea, how about a place to share some local noteworthy news. Stuff that is small and not worthy of a complete thread.

    For example:

    This morning on the radio I heard/dound out that a local school pays students to go to post prom. $100 for seniors, $70 for juniors, sophomores and freshman are not allowed to go to prom.

    It blew my mind.

    Oh and Yesterday there was talk of a criminal that was just arrested and was being sentenced. This will be (IIRC) his 9th prison sentence.

  • @rhyno so sophomores and freshman can't go even if their significant other is a senior or junior? My school prom was for Seniors and Juniors however if their date was a freshman or sophomore, the person in the lower class could attend.

  • @gash they didn't specify really, it was two girls talking, they were talking about how the pay scale works and the host said what about sophomores and freshmen.

    Their response was they can't go, maybe just to post prom they made it sound like prom.

    My HS was similar to yours you could if you were the date.