Big Changes

  • I have just about gone through every hiding place in the shop and packed a few items up that I am going to keep. Might get up the ambition and make a display with the rest of the spurs and the cow doctoring kit I came across. Mostly used for vaccines and I remember a few times a momma cow in distress having calves. I got in on a couple of those. Lots of fun washing a cows behind and keeping the tail out of the way as a veterinarian tried to turn a calf half way up a cows rear end. Dad always complained they never had any trouble unless it was raining and at night. We had two sets of pens at the house that was used sometimes for a maternity ward if any of the expecting cows were in trouble. Seemed my Grandfather knew just what to look for. I had some drench guns for worming cattle, threw them a way when I cleaned the barns out up there. I have a video of that, I need to send it to You Tube. There might be a small drench gun with the syringes and the razor was used to shave a spot on the cows either for doing a chemical brand or for a clean shot with a needle. I was in on some chemical branding and the fire branding also. Don't like the smell of hot branding and the calves dang sure don't like it. My brother in law cold branded his cattle. I bet it still stings.
    Doctor Kit:
    Dazey Manufacturing can opener. I don't know when this was made but it was still in the box that was eaten up by silverfish. Probably 1950's or60's.

    A pea sheller. I still use it and it works great.
    A bag of old fishing reels, Shakespeare mostly.

  • I'm getting down to the nitty gritty now. I have all the wood working machinery and the lathe staged to go onto a trailer hopefully next week. All of it is on mobile bases so each one can be rolled around the shop and when in use the wheels lock. The lathe however has to sit solid so the base will either come off or I can raise the wheels but there is a tripping hazard and I have hung my big toe twice on the brackets so It's coming off. Have to shim the base up anyway to get a firm footing nothing worse than a soft foot on a lathe. The joiner works better off of the base also but it rarely gets used. All of my reloading stuff has been moved and is stored in ac so I'm good to go once we get our place here sold. Sad news is we haven't had a single inquiry about our house but we've only been on a realtor network for a little over a month hopefully something will break loose. Our town is completely shut down except for essential business and the Fourth of July event we have every year has been cancelled. I guess our waterfront park is open but just about all of the state and county beaches statewide are closed. No skin off of my back I never go anywhere except to the ranch to work but other people do things different.

  • You can see the toe busters sticking out on the base. The lathe weight is about 700 pounds and once the wheels are locked down it rolls around easily.

  • Well, we have a contract on our place and a closing date of September 17th finally. Survey is done and the buyers are good with the inspection and we already did the offer counter offer game and agreed on the price. We were supposed to have a bank appraiser come this week but the weather situation took care of that. Talk about a mess two hurricanes in the gulf at once and number two might make a cat 4. The right side of that storms eye is going to be nasty in a few hours. If that thing had headed west towards us I wouldn't be sitting here typing this the good news is it's a fast moving system. We rode a cat 2 (Claudette) out and it came and went in just a few hours with hardly any rain but tore plenty of stuff up in a short time. My shop is all moved we are hoping to have a mover set up for around the eighth to get our household stuff moved. lots of cardboard boxes stacked in here I just got off the phone with a container company in San Antonio to buy a forty foot Sea Can Container. Gonna need it.

  • Glad to hear you escaped. It looks like Cameron LA will have lots of shrimp boats for sale soon in case you decide to go back to work.

  • @rr2241tx You can't run fast enough to give me another shrimp boat. I out grew that addiction years ago. There are some young guns around Palacios that are getting into the Gulf shrimping industry right now following in the footsteps of there fathers and grandfathers but the bay shrimpers like me have resorted to live bait mostly aimed at sports fishermen kind of like the guide business. Nothing wrong with the recreational dollar it spends quite well. I was in the bait business for many years and the beauty part is it's cash. I was at the docks today and talked to my buddies I fished beside that own a big wholesale business and it was rolling pretty good. One of them said they were selling about 20 to 30 thousand gallons of diesel a day after the storm and unloading shrimp steadily so they are keeping payroll flowing and there are several of these docks here owned by locals. Those guys in Lake Charles and Cameron got hammered but they are pretty smart I doubt a lot of boats were lost if so they will be salvaged hopefully they went to safe refuge. One of my friends is a marine surveyor that works for an insurance company that might be busy for a month or two settling insurance claims maybe the other two waves in the Atlantic will cut us a break here. We'll see.

  • @bigfoot Well, i think I have figured out how to use my i phone to at least stay up with the forum. For now we don’t have internet other than at$t. Once we get settled in most likely we will do satellite. Pretty lousy area for phones but hey,we’re going off the grid so we’ll suck itup.

  • @bigfoot If fiber or DSL are not available... look into terrestrial wireless point to point or point to multipoint. Vastly superior to satellite. I'd view satellite as a last resort. It's pretty terrible service from some absolutely terrible companies.

  • @orkan The electric co op there just ran fiber optic down the highway going to our area but I was told it was only for school use. Some kind of grant for rural electric co ops to supply internet to rural schools. We do have copper phone lines we can access at our property but that stuff is obsolete. I absolutely hate Direct TV and the satellite TV providers. We can get excellent HD digital TV signal from San Antonio so maybe we can hit one of these terrestrial wireless providers from the same towers the local stations use. I would imagine they are line of sight microwave signals of some sort. Thanks, I didn't know what to ask for now I do. Terrestrial wireless.

  • @bigfoot said in Big Changes:

    I would imagine they are line of sight microwave signals of some sort.

    A quick search in the san antonio area yielded these guys:

  • @orkan I entered our address on risebroadband's website and they don't service that area unfortunately. I found a couple yesterday that did so I'll ask a few of the locals I know there and see who they are using. Our phones barely work and mine doesn't inside the metal building we are moving into. I know they make an antenna booster that has a magnetic base you stick on the roof and run a coax into the building to get the cell signal inside to help reception but if it's low outside it won't be any better inside with the booster. I did get a new I phone SE I did have a 6 which basically is the same at least the battery is staying up. The old one died twice a day.

  • @bigfoot said in Big Changes:

    if it's low outside it won't be any better inside with the booster.

    Incorrect. You obviously don't have experience with a good cell booster. Boosters run significantly higher db gain antenna's than the one inside your phone. So they will almost always be able to provide a stronger more stable signal than your phone would, and then transfer that inside the metal building. If you set them up properly and aim them correctly, they are very effective.

    Be sure you ground the external antenna.

  • @orkan You are right I don't have any experience with one. I watched a video Erik Cortina did on one of his barndominium builds in that area and they install them because of the low signal for that part of Texas. I'll go back and watch it again I can't remember what exactly they claimed it would do for the signal. In the video they did get some gain I'll see if I can find it on his channel.

  • We came up to the ranch for the weekend with four crates of dishes and some clothes before the movers come on Tuesday after Labor Day. I was making room in the barn for the washer and dryer while my wife was in the house getting it ready for fifty somethings boxes of stuff we have packed. I had moved some stuff to a small building we call the smokehouse and that’s when the excitement started. At least for me glad my wife wasn’t involved. I picked up a piece of 2” pvc pipe in the barn that had a three foot rattlesnake snoozing in it. Dang thing slid right out at my feet and instantly got the snot beat out of it. It was pretty skinny but I understand those are the bad kind usually full of venom from not feeding. It’s hanging on the fence now.

  • yikes!

  • @orkan We had the north door open and I guess it came in either a couple of weeks ago or yesterday and went up in that pipe. I have a forty foot container coming after we get moved to clean up the shop. It’s just not big enough to have snakes living in it.

  • Movers made it today. Six thousand pounds of memories from the coastal life. We’re enjoying a nice shower tonight from the first cold front to make it to our area. We definitely need the rain so they can chisel and get ready for the fall oat crop. We’re in severe drought so the rain is welcomed I’m just glad we got moved.

  • Our closing date has been moved up to next Tuesday. It was supposed to have been Thursday of this week I guess we can blame it on the covid virus. I have to make one more trip back with a trailer to haul my small Kubota tractor and a few odds and ends then back Tuesday hopefully for the paperwork. I thought my internet problems were solved. I spotted some fiber optic cable markers on the opposite side of our road but I called the number on one of the signs and found out there is a cable there but it isn't in use yet. My computer is fixing to be packed so it's phone only for now. Adios.

  • Another delay now it’s Thursday not tomorrow for the closing. We’re officially moved I hooked up a washer and dryer yesterday and already received some junk mail in our po box. Too bad I’m missing out on the tropical storm:\

  • We’re getting moved in out here and trying to establish a routine. It took two attempts to get registered to vote here but finally got our names spelled correctly today. I killed two rattlesnakes a few nights ago making their way towards the lights one evening. Got a bloody nose every morning because of the low humidity and the hay being cut south of my house. I’m used to relative humidity in the eighties and it’s been in the teens for a week. Definitely a different climate from the tropical coastallife. Low sixties every morning some places just north of here were in the forties already. We still haven’t signed closing paperwork on our house. I don’t know what is going on with theses banks and mortgage companies. Delay after delay. We opened a new bank account here locally and can’t access our money for nine working days and it was a cashiers check we deposited. I don’t really care fo the new normal.

  • Update:
    We decided to divide the building (30x30) our living quarters adjoins and make a bedroom and bath with a good sized walk in closet and a small den I guess we will call it. The washer and dryer is in the bathroom as well. A little tight but doable. I lucked out and got a really good retired house builder that is willing to do the job and five days we have it framed and the loft deck on and the shop wall up. I already had plumbing for the washer so Thursday he stubbed out the rest and now I am wiring and hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be done and the ac guy can start building ductwork to have central air in both living spaces. I almost had a heart attack when I ordered the framing materials wood prices have tripled. I also had a 240 square foot slab poured and it was $13.50 a square foot. The last one I had poured was $7.50. I wouldn’t want to build a big new house right now. Geez. Anyway so much for retirement.

  • @bigfoot lets see if I did this right.
    Our expansion in progress. ![alt text](image url)

  • @bigfoot one more try. ![alt text](image url)

    link text

  • @bigfoot i did it finally. Phone is killing me. :(

  • Well, we have wireless internet. Slower than molasses in a blizzard.