Two Things are Certain

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    There is no doubt that we are facing difficult times like we have never seen before. Through the spreading illness many different attitudes have been seen and expressed. More opinions have been expressed than there are people in the world. Yet throughout all of the difficulties that we face in this trying times of the corona, two things are absolutely certain.

    Satan will use these difficult times to tempt us. Satan used disease and health to tempt Job (Job 2:7-ff). Satan can use our health and issues surrounding our health to tempt us and try to get us to slip in our faith in God. God knows what is going on in this world. God, because Jesus lived as man, understands what we are going through. He understands what it means to face fearful situations. Jesus understands what it is to face temptations. During these trying times, it becomes tempting to be selfish and uncompassionate towards others. This is our time as Christians to shine in the world. There are so many opportunities to help others, to help strengthen the faith of others, to lead others to Christ, and to calm the fears of the world. In these trying times, one thing is for certain: Satan will use these times to tempt us!

    Yet there is also another thing that is also certain in these trying times. God can use these trying times for good. We all know Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, and to them who are the called according to His purpose.” The underlying promise in this verse is that ALL things work together for good. Everyday life, sickness, and even death work together for good. Struggles, pain, and suffering work together for good. When we love God and are faithful to Him, we can be certain that God is working in the background to make sure that these trying times work together for good.

    Trials are not fun, yet the outcome of trials can be good. When we faithfully struggle through trials, we become stronger spiritually and learn endurance (Romans 5:3). When we face trials, we can pray to God and He has promised to give us wisdom (James 1:5-8). How many times have we prayed for wisdom in dealing with these difficult situations? Even in times of danger and trial, God does not want us to cower in fear, but rather to rise up and through faith take the opportunity to shine as beacons of light in this dark and dreary world. It was through the struggles in the wilderness that Israel’s faith grew strong enough to conquer Canaan. It was when David was running from Saul that his faith grew strong enough to lead the kingdom of Israel in a righteous way. It was in the first century time of persecution that Christianity spread the quickest. What great and wonderful growth God has in store for those who faithfully trust Him through today’s struggles.

    Sometimes God will calm the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.