Seat depth's impact on MV.

  • So yesterday I went out and did some more load testing on my 338LM. I was adjusting the seating depth to to try and shrink my groups a little more and also shooting over the chronograph and noticed the seating depth had a big impact on MV.

    Here are my results

    Air Temp 54°
    Baro 29.55
    Ammo temp 68°

    .020 off lands
    72 degrees
    2769 fps
    2767 fps
    2765 fps

    .030 off lands
    2773 fps
    2770 fps
    2781 fps

    .040 off lands
    2803 fps
    2799 fps
    2792 fps

    Didn't think it would make 30fps difference wit only .020 difference in seating depth. Interesting side effect of seating depth.