Basic Link Sausage Spices

  • I made 25 pounds of pork and beef link sausage this week with a recipe a friend of mine gave me. I have been using a mix I buy from a supplier in Houston and wanted a change. He made fifty pounds and added jalapenos and high temp cheese to his but didn't smoke it. He froze it fresh and smokes it as they need it for an hour or so on a pellet smoker or until it reaches 160-170 degrees internal. I have done it before and actually smoked half of mine and kept the rest fresh. Recipe for a hundred pounds adjust accordingly for smaller amounts. Add the seasonings to the cubed meat prior to grinding for uniform mixing.

    10 oz ground black pepper
    21 oz canning salt
    4 oz garlic powder
    4 oz onion powder
    9 oz brown sugar
    1 oz red pepper ( cayenne )
    For Jalapeno Sausage Follow The Recipe And Add To Meat Before Grinding:
    3 lbs fresh jalapenos
    6 lbs low melt cheddar cheese

    I added a couple of teaspoons of crushed red pepper to the mix for 25 lbs and about a half a tsp of cayenne pepper. It could have used more rep pepper I barely taste it and I also added one level tsp of pink cure for five lbs of meat just to be safe when smoking. I usually smoke with hickory at 180 degrees for a couple of hours or until the sausage is 155-160 degrees F internal. Freeze after cooling.

  • @bigfoot Typo, 8 oz of brown sugar. I can't taste that either in the sausage maybe it's there to tame the salt down.