Vibratory trickler with Dillon 550 press

  • There are not a lot of Prometheus vibratory tricklers out there due to the specialty nature for it’s application. From comments it seems most people who have one use it on prometheus mounted on a bench stand and I have received no complaints, and a couple people have reported they prefer it over the standard trickler even for Varget. I disagree, but cannot argue success or preference. ;-)

    I have had a prometheus mounted over my Dillon 550 for many years, typically used for rifle calibers. Lately, I needed to load some pistol ammo with a flake powder so that mandates the vibratory trickler. I discovered an issue where due to the ‘jarring’ of the entire press and prometheus that the ‘level leg’ that has been standard on the vibratory trickler is not sufficient for satisfactory use for me. So, I devised a solution. Should any of you desire, please contact me for an upgrade. Cost will be quite nominal, mostly shipping expense. If you do not run prometheus with vibe trickler on top of a 550 ( or similar) this is a total non-issue.

  • Any pictures of how it’s upgraded. I have one of the vibe trickles on mine. I really like it