Reloading Process, am I getting this right?

  • Any suggestions that I can implement in my reloading process?

    1. Deprime cases - (if using the full-length die, then skip this step).
    2. Anneal brass.
    3. Tumble brass with rice (Nishiki rice or any California medium grain rice).
    4. Lube (Imperial or Forster)
    5. Resize case. Adjust the die to bump the shoulder back .002.
    6. Clean again (to get the lube off).
    7. Trim brass to minimum length.
    8. Chamfer and Deburr brass and clean primer pocket if needed.
    9. Prime cases.
    10. Powder charge
      11.Seat bullets.

    Open to ideas and tips. Also, AMP worth the cost from a benchsource?

  • I would call out the inspection (visual, measurement, etc.) steps. A set up insuring one piece transfer, verification of powder weight, and validation of each filled case are examples of value added process steps.

  • I skip the first tumble. I tumble one time after sizing.

  • Thanks guys, I have updated this list for myself.

    Also, anyone switched over to an AMP annealer over a benchsource?