Smack the Smiley

  • Hey guys, just wanted to make you aware of the fun little mail in match if you didn't already know about it.

    There's a rimfire and centerfire class, and a great thing is you only need 100 yards to do it.

    It starts of with a tri folded piece of paper you fire your cold bore shot on. You then have to go and unfold it and start hunting smiley faces.

    You get points for breaking the circle, and more points for taking the smiley face out.

    There's one area for a 3 round group, and then you can take a confidence shot any time right after your previous shot on the same target.

    However the best part is that part of the entry fee is donated to

    There are prizes as well, I actually just received my certificate for a Badger Ordnance M5 Bitter medal from the winter match.

    The prizes are not based on how well you shoot, instead the targets you send back go into a drawing and the prizes are drawn.

    This also helps to keep anyone from cheating.

    The spring match is starting soon but there is still time to enter.

  • Congrats on winning that M5 BM, Rhyno. That looks like a fun and worthwhile endeavor.