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    News agencies around the country this week reported on a “horrifying” story. Klopfer was a doctor in Illinois that performed tens of thousands of abortions over the course of 40 years. Klopfer passed away about 5 months ago after which his family began sorting through his belongings. Among those belongings they found 2,246 sets of preserved, fetal remains stacked up floor to ceiling in his garage. They also found another 165 sets of preserved fetal remains in the trunk of his car. These fetal remains resulted from abortions which he preformed in the early 2000’s.

    It is appalling that a doctor would do such a thing. Why would he save these remains? What is his motivation? Many words were used by the news in describing these events. The Indiana Attorney General said that the discovery was “horrifying to anyone with normal sensibilities”. Some said that the remains had been, “ghoulishly packed up and stored away in his garage”. Others said that they were “callously discarded…”. Many called this a “shocking discovery” and yet after the funeral service and burial of the remains others said that they now have “an appropriate resting place”.

    I agree that the actions of this doctor were “calloused”, “ghoulish”, and “appalling”. After all, this doctor not only murdered thousands of unborn babies, he also kept the remains of the babies around and collected them. Yet what I don’t understand is how one can support abortion and be against what Dr. Klopfer did in collecting these “fetuses”. The only way one can sincerely believe that abortion is not wrong is to believe that a “fetus” is not human until birth. That would mean that Dr. Klopfer was simply collecting tissue samples, not actually collecting humans. Many doctors over the years have been known to collect and preserve certain tissue samples. I heard of one doctor who asked a patient to keep and preserve his gallstone because it was the largest he had ever seen. Amputees often keep and preserve their amputated part. If “fetuses” are not human beings, and abortion is not murder, then collecting them is no different than collecting other human tissue samples.

    However, this act of collecting these babies has sickened both those who support abortion and those who do not. What Dr. Klopfer did is appalling and repulsive even to those who support abortion and believe that there is nothing wrong with it. People on both sides of the fence felt that the preserved babies were given a more appropriate resting place once they were buried. This is because we as a society recognize a unborn child as human. Abortion clinics try to sterilize the procedure and try to separate society from the gruesome and ugly facts relating to abortion. Yet when faced with a story like Dr. Klopfer’s, we are no longer shielded from the gruesome truth and it is sickening to the vast majority of society. If they are not actually human, then there should be nothing sickening about what Dr. Klopfer did.

    Yet one thing we must realize: society never has and never will determine right from wrong. Governments and their laws never will determine right from wrong. Right and wrong were determined a long time ago by our all knowing and all powerful creator. Right and wrong are set in place and cannot be changed. Mankind can band together and entirely reject the standards that God has set, however doing so does not change the truth, it only makes all of mankind wrong.

    The Truth:
    God forms the baby in the womb— Psalm 139:13-16
    God knew you before you were born— Jeremiah 1:5
    Man, even before birth, is made in the image of God— Genesis 1:27

    The truth is, God forms the child in the womb, creates them, makes them. The truth is that unborn children are still human. It is right that we feel sick to our stomachs over what this abortion doctor did because what he did was wrong. It was “appalling”, “calloused”, and “Ghoulish”. Not just because we as a society feel those things, but because God’s standards demand that we feel those things towards the sin that was committed.