30 for 30: Fantastic Lies on Netflix

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    I was looking for something to watch on Netflix and I came across a title called Fantastic Lies. I saw that it was about the Duke larosse players accused of rape. I knew part of the story but didn't know the entire story. This documentary was very much worth watching I would even categorize it as a must watch. I'm not going to spoil any of it until people get a chance to watch it. But after a good few people have watched it I will be happy to reply.

  • Great great great great great great episode.

    The whole 30 for 30 series is usually done really well.

    But that episode was simply amazing I couldn't stop watching it, and watched it twice.

  • Just watched that today. Shows you exactly what happens when the so-called "legal" or "justice" system gets a hold of you.

  • The wheels turn slowly.
    Having hundreds of thousands of dollars at your disposal, that is not seized through asset forfeiture, makes a huge difference in outcomes.
    It shouldn't.
    Elected prosecutors are a BIG part of the problem.

  • There is absolutely no class of people that are incorruptible.

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    The instant jump to guilty in these cases are truly terrible. I admit I got so much enjoyment watching the couple news reporters squirm when they had to say they fucked up. Everyone wants to find that evil white male to be able to show everyone else that "hey here is the racism and sexism that we know exist but we can't prove it....until now!" They run with a story so quickly and so hard without actually looking at the facts because they "know" the person(s) are guilty.

    And how fucking dumb do all the protesters feel. Go out on their parades banging drums showing everyone else that they won't take this any longer all the while being completely fucking wrong about what happened. The instant jump to "they should be kicked out of school" "you know what you did" and everything else that came of it. All the speeches about how they won't let this happen again they are going to stand up to racism and sexism and blah blah blah whatever the thing is that they are protesting that week. In a perfect world they would feel shame for doing that in this instance but they won't because they think they stood up for something even though it was BASELESS. It was the "thought" that counted. No, sadly, I'm sure they felt like they made a difference.

    That was 10 years ago and it has only gotten worse. Stand up comedy has suffered because people don't want to offend anyone or comics lose their ability to keep performing, then their addresses get posted, death threats, rinse and repeat until they swarm on the next hashtag to be fake upset about. I can't wait for the day to come when all these people are outraged and the response they get is "so what, be outraged" no apology, no losing their job, no backlash at all. Then the "everyone gets a trophy" generation can go home and pout all they want.

  • News media is in the same class as lawyers.

  • @irish yup, I think it's hillarious the girl is now in jail for murder.

    Pisses me off the DA got 1 day in jail.

    Also the protesters probably feel nothing, we're just lucky we didn't end up with another al Sharpton since this is exactly how he got famous, false rape claim against whites later proved to be completely wrong.

    But you know it's not like those boys didn't have their lives ruined, or their families, or their coach.

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    @rhyno you are right. If Sharpton didn't get shamed out of existence for Tawana Brawley these "protesters" aren't going anywhere.

  • You guys are overlooking the real problem. These are all just symptoms.


    That is the real reason things like this happen. Everyone is looking to profit, and they'll do anything and say anything to make it happen.