My first Tangent Theta

  • I lucked into what I think was a hell of a deal on a brand new TT 5-25 last night. Friend of mine let me swap him a 6-24 kahles plus a little cash. He won the scope in a raffle and ive been trying to talk him out of it for a couple weeks. I mounted it last night and zeroed it today. I’m going to try to take it this weekend and compare it to my zero comprise.

  • Let the mirage come up and test them side by side -- spoiler alert -> Tangent is better.

  • Which reticle did you get?

  • @martino1
    It’s the gen 3 Christmas tree reticle.

  • You are going to love that scope my TT315M has spoiled me rotten.

  • @steelbanger

    I’m definitely looking forward to taking it to the range Friday if the weather permits. It’s actually on my back up gun but may get swapped around if it does what I think it will do

  • @bull81 said in My first Tangent Theta:

    It’s the gen 3 Christmas tree reticle.

    I so wish I held out for the tree..

  • Spent the day at the range today and got some rounds down range with the TT. I’m very impressed, I was able to compare it to my Zcomp as well. There are things I like better about both of them. There was fairly heavy mirage today and I think the TT was maybe slightly clearer in the mirage, the turrets are amazing on the TT and I love the tool less zero. I like the turret markings on the Zcomp better and the eye box is more forgiving on the Zcomp. I also like the lower profile of the Zcomps turrets better as well. The parallax is very forgiving on the Zcomp but it’s so forgiving on the TT I never had to touch it. The reticles in both the Zcomp and TT are pretty much the same so I have no preference there. All in all I’m very pleased with both of these scopes and would have a hard time picking one over the other. Looking forward to spending more time with the TT as it’s on my backup/training rifle so it will get used in a regular basis.

  • @bull81 I had a feeling you were going to like your TT.I also own a ZC scope and like it a whole lot.The only problem now is I am spoiled rotten owning the TT 315M and the ZC 4X20 and that is a problem I do not mind.