Super Bowl Sunday

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    Things are really heating up in Miami today. The news has been buzzing about this day for several weeks now and today is the big day. The amount of time and money that has gone into this day is unfathomable. Team owners have spent millions upon millions of dollars to keep their players paid, stadiums kept up, coaches paid, and all of the extra expenses that come with owning a team. News stations are going to be out a lot of time and money covering the game as well as all of the news leading up to the game. Restaurants all around the country are preparing for Super Bowl Sunday. Whether they expect customers before and after the game, or deliver food during the game these businesses expect to be quite busy today. People have made plans. They clean the house, cook food, invite friends over, and many even buy new tv’s just for this occasion.

    The performers at the halftime show have been very meticulously chosen and are prepared to preform their shows. Again, millions of dollars have been spent getting the top performers and making sure their show is flashy enough to upstage last years performances.

    The Advertising is another aspect of the game that is not to be overlooked. Certain companies have again spent millions of dollars in anticipation of this one day. The commercials they will play during the game are not ordinary commercials, but have undergone great scrutiny and expense to make sure that their precious few seconds are most effective.

    The buzz about the Super Bowl over the last few weeks has been amazing. It seems that almost everyone looks forward to this Sunday for one reason or another. Some are excited to get together with friends. Some are excited to cheer on their favorite team. Some are excited about the food. And some just want to see the “over the top” commercials or halftime show.

    One thing is for certain. When the game is over, one team will win, and one team will lose, however it doesn't much matter which one wins or loses. When the game is over, the only thing on the minds of the players, coaches, owners, performers, businesses, and advertisers will be 2021’s Super Bowl. The actual game will be boiled down to a few statistics on a page to be referenced a few times a year in comparison to other games. By this time next year, few will remember who won the game and even fewer will remember the losing team. This is the most important game of the year, yet once over it will be soon forgotten.

    Most “major events” in life are quickly forgotten. Yet there are a few things in life that we will never forget. We will never forget the one time that someone close to us spoke an encouraging word. We will never forget the person that went out of their way to help us when we needed help. We will never forget the person that cared enough about us to spend time to make sure that we were right. We remember the little things like this because they truly matter. The things we remember and are most valuable to us might not be noticed by those around us, but they mean the most to us because they help and encourage us. Let us try to make everyday memorable to someone else. Let us bear another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Let us show love (Hebrews 6:10), Let us do good to others (Hebrews 13:16), Let us shine our light (Matthew 5:16), Let us love as Christ loves(John 15:12). Let us look to the look to the needs of others (Phil 2:4). Let us remember the things that last, the things that matter, the things that make a difference in the life of another!