Reloading dies discussion, experiences and preferences.

  • As I slowly add to my reloading equipment I have decided to order a set of 5.56 dies first and then some 30-06 as those will be the highest volume of centerfire ammunition I will be shooting.

    In other forums I have seen Forster,Whidden custom, mentioned as top notch along with Redding.
    RCBS Lyman and Lee and Hornady seem to be not as highly regarded

    Looking at Forster and Redding for now and Forster seems to be in short supply at one of our sponsors.

    What would be a good beginner set for ammo that will see use in an AR?
    Full length re-sizer and a Micrometer Seating die for around $100 or so?
    Later add a bushing neck sizer for when I am set up to turn necks?
    Crimp die ever?

    This will be for my HBAR 1/9 twist up to a 75 grain if it will stabilize.
    Single loaded for slow fire stages.
    The wind died down, I have about an hour and a half to go shoot before dark. More 22 LR practice.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • For AR bulk ammo I am using just a Lee FL die and their factory crimp die. I have never had any chambering problems with mil brass using these dies.
    Crimp is only a slight "kiss".
    For AR accuracy, I load them long, no crimp and use modified mag like a Bob sled.
    For .223 bolt gun I use a Redding FL body die and the Lee collet neck sizing die.
    So far, I only use LC brass in both but will probably get some Lapua for the bolt gun.

  • For bulk ar ammo I use Dillon dies. I believe for bulk runs you are going to have trouble beating Dillon.

    On the other hand if you want more accurate loads then you will want to go another direction. The whidden dies are not outrageously priced. I would rather buy a custom die and be done with it than to buy a factory die and wish I had a custom.

    I also am a fan of Wilson seater dies. they require an arbor press, but are very precise.

    I personally do not see a micro top as necessary. They are handy when playing with seating depth, but once you find your load you will not need the micro top again.

  • Just stopped by Outpost Armory in Murfreesboro TN to get some ammo and got a Redding National Match 3 die set in 30-06 for $123. The same set in 223 was $179.
    Also got some Hornady steel case 75 grain BTHP for the HBAR. It was $24.99 for 50 rounds.
    2790fps. Hornady reloading manual says it will work in a 1/9 twist.
    At that price it is worth a try.
    They don't carry Forster there.
    Almost bought a new scope but the Leopold FX-II 4X eye box was not significantly better than the Burris.

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