Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven...

  • ...but nobody wants to go now

    Heaven is one of those places that everyone wants to go, yet like the song says, "nobody wants to go now". Heaven is the place where most believe their loved ones are waiting for them or looking down on them. To most people, heaven is our last resort. When we can no longer cling to life in this old beat up body any more and are forced to leave, we want to go to heaven. However, if given a choice, most would not willingly leave this life to immediately go to heaven.

    Desire is fundamental to achieving anything. Without desire nothing will be accomplished in our lives. Our desire to eat leads, leads us to a desire to get food, which leads us to a desire to make money, which leads us to a desire to find a job. Desire is the core motivation and every other motivation feeds off of our desires.

    I am going to submit to you that for most people (even Christians) heaven is not a true burning desire...but it should be. For most people, heaven is a backup plan for the end of life. For most people, heaven is there in case something in this life goes horribly wrong and they or a loved one is "taken" early. For most people, heaven is "desired" simply because they fear hell and sure don't want to be there. When this is the case, then heaven is not a true burning desire.

    Hebrews 11 is a chapter describing great faith in the Bible. It describes many different people and things they accomplished through faith. Yet their faith was fueled by a burning desire. Without the burning desire they would not have accomplished any of these great things. Hebrews 11:16 says, "But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city." They desired heaven to the point that they considered this life temporary. They weren't overly concerned about persecution, fairness, or pleasantries in this life because their true desire was heaven! They made it to heaven because at the core of their faith was a burning desire to get to heaven.

    Heaven must be a burning desire at the core of our faith. When we truly understand the good of God, the wickedness of this world, and the wonderful blessings of heaven it should become a burning desire. Often the lack of desire is there because of our lack of knowledge of what is to come or what heaven is like, yet we know enough about heaven and about this earth to know that heaven is a place to desire. When a burning desire for heaven is at the core of our faith, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish for God. When a burning desire for heaven is at the core of our faith, our life will change, our hope will change, our outlook on good and evil will change, and there is nothing that we will want more than to be in heaven with God.

    Everybody wants to Go to Heaven...but is it a burning desire?