257 Weatherby

  • l bought a Weatherby Vanguard chambered in 257 Weatherby Mag about a year and a half ago, it would shot the Weatherby Select factory ammo right on 1" after l lapped the rings and glass bedded it. With a job change and a move it was a while before I finally got a load worked up. I tried 110 gr. Hornady ELD-X with lMR 4350 and reloader 26. It hated it, l mean hated it. the average groups were about 2" -2.5". I switched to 100 gr. Barnes ttsx in front of 69 gr. of reloader 26. it is shooting .9" not incredibly great but it's a hunting gun that l'm not planning on shooting over 400 yards with so it is plenty. As for a scope l put a Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16 on it. In all l really like it, it's not terribly heavy and reasonably accurate for the money. But if l didn't handload l wouldn't have bought a Weatherby round. Just a update on the "new" rifle.