Would You Eat Rat Poison?

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    Would You Eat Rat Poison?

    Have you ever considered how much poison there actually is in Rat Poison? Rat Poison only contains 0.005% poison, and 99.995% inert ingredients. Most of the 99.995% is actually wheat or alfalfa or something that the rats and mice actually like. It is amazing how little poison it takes to make D-con work. It is amazing how little sand it takes in a trigger to ruin a day at the range. It is amazing how one little bug in a can of Mountain Dew ruins the whole drink.


    It also only takes one difficult person to ruin the atmosphere at a given location. When one co-worker insists on being difficult, angry, whiny, or otherwise just troublesome it can make the whole workplace a horrible place to be. These people are sometimes called "fun vacuums" because their attitude and actions seem to suck all of the enjoyment out of any situation. It is amazing how one negative person can cause trouble for all of those around them.

    In the same way, when negative things are allowed to remain in our lives, they will destroy us. When we think negatively we will lean towards negative things. When we make negative statements we influence our mind and the mind of those around us with those negative statements. When we do wrong we introduce evil into our lives and that evil not only leads us away from God, but it will also influence those around us and lead them away from God.

    How much poison is too much? How much sand in a trigger is too much? How many negative people are too many? How much evil in our lives is too much? Galatians 5:6 says, "A Little leaven leavens the whole lump." It only takes a little bit of sin in one's life to ruin them. It only takes a little bit of evil in a family to destroy it. It only takes a little bit of ungodliness in a church for it to be consumed with evil.

    We must realize the danger of sin and evil. We must not tolerate ANY evil in our lives. We must turn from our sin, leave our sin, and fight every day against the influences that are around us. Every time you face temptation look it in the eye for what it really is.

    Would you eat rat poison?