LPA Medium 6.5PRC

  • Another 6.5PRC on a medium length action.
    A true midlength (3.200") action from Lone Peak Arms gives the handloader the ability to run both factory ammo and handloads that would exceed short action magazine length in the 6.5PRC minimum saami chamber with the .188" freebore.
    The medium actions are great also for other mid size cartridges like 6.5SAUM, 7mm SAUM, and 300WSM when properly throated to take advantage of the extra magazine length and get the heavy-for-caliber bullets seated out longer.
    However, these cartridges can all be used in a short action effectively with the proper throating in the chamber to keep handloads inside of magazine length constraints. Performance of the cartridge is VERY minimally affected by short throating for a short action.

    Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Medium
    Benchmark Barrels
    McMillan Game Warden
    Hawkins Precision