Breakfast Burritos

  • Homemade Breakfast Burritos are easy to make and you can freeze a bunch for a quick easy grab and heat up food later.

    Cheese dip
    1 pound Jimmy Dean regular sausage (crumble, cook, grease drained)
    Burrito size tortilla shells
    Scrambled Eggs (typically 1 egg per burrito)

    Heat a fry pan on medium heat with just a smidgen of butter in the bottom. Now build your burritos:

    • Lay out a burrito shell, put sausage in the middle, then scrambled eggs and top with Cheese Dip. ** I actually combine the sausage and eggs in a large bowl to simplify this step a bit.
    • Fold the sides in approx. 1-2" then roll the burrito starting at the bottom (see video below).
    • Grill the burritos in pan until lightly brown on each side and enjoy your food.

    *If you need to keep it hot for a bit, wrap in tinfoil. If you're going to freeze, it works best to let them cool to room temp then wrap in freezer paper. If you're freezing for later use, it's important to still grill and brown the tortillas otherwise they fall apart easily and make for a pain when trying to heat.

    • To reheat simply throw back on stove with fry pan, microwave or if you have a george foreman grill (or equivalent) this is the best option.

    Here's a video on how to fold burritos:

  • Bumping these up - these were served for breakfast :)

  • I was going to ask you about these or look for them, they were delicious.

  • These were awesome. Gonna have to make some at home...or get the wife to make them. :)