Hawkins Hybrid Rings

  • I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of Hawkins Hybrid rings (https://www.brownells.com/optics-mounting/rings-mounts-amp-bases/scope-rings/long-range-hybrid-scope-rings-prod132974.aspx) for a rifle I have acquired, it is a factory R700.

    My question is what do I do if they're not aligned properly? The R700 isn't known for being machined perfectly, will I just have to lap the rings?

  • If I had that problem... I would bed them onto the action using a lapping bar or the scope itself.

    Wrecking a pair of rings due to a twisted action wouldn't seem to be prudent.

  • @orkan that thought hadn't even occurred to me. I didn't like the lapping idea but couldn't think of anything else.

  • If there is no binding on the tube and the scope sits and moves in the rings bottom freely, torque them up and go. If it makes you feel better, bed them.

    If the rings are misaligned bad enough that they bind on the tube, they'll need lapped for clearance until no binding occurs, then bedded to fill in the gaps.

    It's my feeling that if they're misaligned bad enough that they need lapped, scrap the hybrid rings and bed on a 1 piece steel picatinny rail.

    What size Hawkins Hybrids do you need? I may have them here.

  • @tscustoms I'll give you a call when I order them, it'll be a couple weeks yet. But I was thinking the Hybrid 30mm Lows would work.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Well just want to thank @tscustoms ordered these from him Friday, they showed up today. Probably get them on the rifle and mounted tomorrow night, see if everything works. Hopefully my ammo shows up by this weekend, though it's supposed to be windy and only in the teens for temperature so if it doesn't I won't be too mad.