Flu/Cold Remedy

  • Want to effectively fight off the flu or other colds with a natural food? Try Elderberry Syrup or Elderberry Extract or Elderberry capsules. Scientists have been able to isolate the active compound in the elderberry. It is called Antivirin and is found in proteins of the black elderberry. Antivirin prevents the flu virus from invading the membranes of healthy cells. So in short is neutralizes the flu virus or any oncoming cold. It is most effectively used at the very onset of a cold or flu. You can find Elderberry just about anywhere. I found some syrup and dis-solvable capsules in a local grocery store. Look in the natural foods section of your grocery store or go to a natural foods store in the area.

    The below article is the best summary I have found online, complete with sources.


    For the Flu, Vitamin D 1200iui/day is effective at preventing and lessening the length of the illness: http://www.worldhealth.net/forum/thread/99358/vitamin-d-proven-more-effective-than-bo/?page=1

    It was a test group of children but it just goes to show how effective it truly is. After all, kiddos are the ones who carry home most of the germs to the family because of the large groups of them and lets face it as much as we'd love our kids to always be washing their hands and practicing proper sanitary measures, we all know they don't ;)

  • Boy, I am going to remember this. My wife and I have been enjoying some type of respiratory flu for the last few weeks. Knocked the crap out of us for about 3 days but has not gone away entirely. Keep getting mini eruptions. Thanks for posting this.

  • @mamalukino you're very welcome! We had that crud awhile back. The cough lingered for a long time after.

    Elderberry can be taken daily and so can Vit. D. In fact it's recommended no matter how much time you spend outside in the sun, to take Vit. D daily as most of the time when we're outside we have sunblock on therefore preventing us from getting enough natural Vit. D.

    We take Nature's Way Elderberry capsules during peak cold/flu and we all take Vit. D daily. Kiddos take 2500iui, Orkan takes 5000iui and I take 10,000iui.

    Here's the Vit. D I use for everyone: www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Liquid-Drops-MK-7-x2605/dp/B00VF8DPZI/

    Here are the Elderberry Capsules: www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Elderberry-Capsule-575/dp/B0016CFJR0/