Prove Drinking is Good

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    Yes, I get it. I understand there’s not a “specific command” that a Christian cannot have a drink. I also know that drinking is on the rise in both young and old alike in the church.

    Help me see the benefits. Help me see the positives from drinking. Help me understand why a Christian would want to push the envelope rather than trying to be more holy. Help me see why you think drinking helps your Christian influence.

    Because here is the truth— I don’t think you are going to listen to someone quoting scripture about what the Bible says about the dangers of alcohol and being drunk. You have already justified it in your head. And I know you don’t want to hear about what alcohol actually does when it enters your body and your brain— after all, a few drinks isn’t going to hurt anyone. In fact, you’ve convinced yourself that it may be medicinally beneficial to your health. I don’t think you want to talk about all the pain alcohol causes families. And I know you don’t want to talk about how prevalent alcohol is in most families. In fact, I’m not sure you want to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

    So help me see the positives. In my current world view I see alcohol causing major problems in marriages. I see it causing massive difficulties in families. I see it leaving long lasting scars on people involved. I see it costing people their jobs. I see it fracturing relationships with extended family members. I see it causing headaches and hassles that end up in the emergency room or court. I see it numbing people who need Jesus. I see it causing people to live a life of lies. I see it causing people to surround themselves with friends who lead you away from heaven.

    So why is it on the rise in the church? Why do you think drinking is a good idea for Christians who are trying to be the hands and feet of Christ?

    The above was written by Brad Harrub.

    There are plenty of verses talking about the dangers of alcohol, drinking, and drunkenness. Yet many people still try to justify drinking. Brad makes a good point. If we cannot find the good in something, then we don’t need to be doing it. This applies to every aspect of our lives, not just drinking.

  • There is a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and tobacco on my property. Neither have any place among good christian people.