• So sitting at the range today and notices something strange with my SWFA SS 10x.

    For some reason I decided to adjust the Diopter (the focus ring on back. Not parallax) and while doing so, it appears my reticle is moving.

    It sort of oscillates I guess, at least I think.

    Maybe describing it as an elipticle motion is better.

  • Pretty normal, especially in low end scopes such as the SWFA.

    One of the MANY reasons why I'm not a fan of those idiotic european "quick adjust" diopters.

    You'll also notice on many scopes, the diopter adjustment position has a HUGE affect on the parallax adjustment. That was one of the core complaints about the new nightforce atacr F1 4-16's. Obviously on good scopes, that effect is minimized or not present at all.

  • I wouldn't think that the reticle is moving as it is contained in the erector tube.

  • @mamalukino It looks like something is moving. Hard to describe the movement. The whole thing shifts, up, down, left, right, very weird I might have to test it and see if it effects shooting. Just off hand it appears that it will.

    @orkan I ended up reading some of that thread on the NF ATACR, where you and the NF rep got into it. It's interesting that I also have corrected vision, and have had trouble with parallax and focus, though I'm not 100% I'm doing things right yet, and also I've never owned a nice scope. And this isn't really on topic.

  • @rhyno
    Well that sucks, I hope it isn't going to effect your shooting.

  • As long as the diopter isn't moved, it shouldn't affect your POI. ... but this is a complete unknown. Such is the nature of inexpensive optics.