New optic for one 40x

  • I decided to throw a new optic on one of my 40xs, the old 20x Redfield was interesting to shoot with.

    Also ordered another B&T PSR bipod for my second 40x, and throwing the Haris bipod on a 7mm Mag I have that I will use for hunting.

    Both now have a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50, one in MOA, one in MRAD. They work for now, will be upgrading them when I have the opportunity.

  • That should make them quite a lot more versatile. :)

  • Man, nice rigs. I don't think I will ever get this guy down here to turn loose one of his 40x pieces. I'm not even sure he has them. I did run across a Winchester 52 on consignment last week and another 513 in real good shape. The 52 was priced at 750.00 and the 513 was 475.00. The Winchester was extremely heavy I guess most of the government issued ones were like it. The end of the barrel looked like it was milled flat, no crown. I saw those scopes on sale at Midway but the moa version was out. Still quite a bit knocked off from regular price.

  • @bigfoot these are no lightweights either, 26" heavy counter barrels in wood stocks. The first time I held one I was shocked at how much they weigh.

    But on the range that helps.

  • @rhyno I grunted trying to get that 52 out of the rack.

  • 52 and 40x are very similar in weight. They are full size rifles unlike most 22’s sold today.

    My 52 also has a flat crown.