TT Customer service

  • At work today I got a phone call and the caller ID said Nova Scotia, Canada. I thought thats a new scammer ID I havent seen yet so I answered it thinking I was going to have a little fun with some scammers. Was caught completely off guard when it was the VP of Tangent Theta alerting me that the scope I recently purchased may have a 5% chance of the detent in the turret failing and they would like to look at my scope to make sure everything is fine with it. Wow, talking about getting ahead of the curve there and trying to stop a problem BEFORE it becomes an issue. Bravo TT, Bravo. They will email me a UPS pickup ticket once I get home and done working for the year and say I should have it back in about a week after shipping it. I think a lot of other manufactures should take notes on TT cust. service. Friendly, polite and very apologetic on the phone. Next optics purchase will be another TT. Customer for life.

  • I was hoping you wouldn't be upset that I forwarded them your contact info. When they told me of the potential issue, I'd rather you have an opportunity to have them fix it. Glad it's going smoothly for you. :)

  • @orkan Thanks Greg. I was blown away that they were aware of the issue and were actually notifying owners and alerting them of a possible issue and wanted to take care of it!

  • TT makes a great scope and I'm happy to see them standing behind there product.

  • Thanks for sharing.