Berger Hybrids

  • I have been shooting some Berger Hybrids through my .260 Remington and just cracked open a new box of 100 last week. New packaging now and I only have four of the other box and the new ones look different. They measure different too. From the tip to the ogive might be the same I don't know. From the base it definitely is Maybe that doesn't matter. The base of the bullet is shaped different also. The new ones are flatter not rounded.I was getting close to what I thought was good enough load for my rig with the old ones and now not so much. Got to do a restart.

  • One of many reasons why its important to do load dev, and then immediately buy as much of that lot number of all components as you can.

    However, I'll point out that trying for sub-1/2 MOA with a mauser is like trying to ice skate up hill.

  • @orkan Heh, good one. So far no bloody knees or a sore posterior maybe some aggravation. My goal was and still is one inch consistently. Anything better would be a bonus.