When is adjustable parallax required?

  • Hey y'all that's my question let me frame it. Maybe it's just a cheap optics issue, or something simple.

    So I've been looking at optics to throw on a 10/22 style rifle, and something I thought would be useful early on was something in the 1-6/1-8 range, especially when squirrel hunting and looking up into trees where they can be a little hard to find with too much magnification because you can be really close.

    I've noticed a lot of scopes with that setup have fixed parallax even a lot of higher end (for that manufacturer) scopes.

    Most were in the 100 yard range, so I ruled them out for my application.

    Now I'm looking at a Luepold 2-7, since it's not expensive (going on a gun that gets a hard life) and it's been awhile since I had a leupold, it's parallax is 50 yards fixed (which is the common setting for rimfire)

    Now before I dipped my toes in precision shooting I bought whatever cheap scope I could find and never worried about parallax, didn't know what it was, but now I'm always looking for it, and haven't bought a scope that doesn't have it.

    Now If this gun was for shooting tiny little groups it would be different, but it's used for squirrels, rabbits, stripped gophers, coons and badgers at fairly close ranges.

    Probably making this more complicated than it needs to be.

  • If you like hitting what you're aiming at... being parallax free is a must.

    Parallax set to 50yds, gopher head pops up at 80yds. That's enough error for a miss in a lot of scopes. Some optics are very forgiving and have parallax with wide range that won't affect the crosshair alignment much. Others are super picky. Cheap usually equals picky.

    Side focus scopes are not at a price premium like others are. Spend the money, and make sure it has parallax settings for every distance you intend on shooting. Vortex crossfire tactical ffp can be had quite cheap.

  • I have one of these mounted on my 10-22. Leupold VXII EFR rimfire scope 3x9. They adjust from 10 yards to infinity with the parallax ring. I don't think they make these anymore and I sold one of mine already. If you can find one jump on it they originally were around five hundred bucks on the Leupold website I let mine go for two fifty. Not too sure I did the right thing. I just got a Midway flyer and it looks like a lot of optics are on sale you might find what you want there I have a Hawke scope on a little 22 I shoot starlings with that I like not sure about the parallax range though. Hawke scopes are popular with the airgun bunch but Vortex, Athlon any of those would be doable. Might end up with a very large and heavy scope though that's why I kept that Leupold on my 10-22.

  • What a pain, I'll just be sticking with irons for awhile.

  • This is the Hawke model I have. It hardly weighs anything and the parallax is fixed at 75 yards although I shoot it at varying distances and can't really see much movement with the reticle.

  • @bigfoot Shoot the rimfire challenge with that setup at 50yds, and another one at 25yds. Post your results here.

  • @orkan I certainly will next time I hit the range. I assume you are referring to the 10-22? That scope has adjustable parallax the Hawke doesn't and it's on a Winchester Wildcat 22 with a stiff trigger. Right now I have it sighted in at about thirty five yards with CCI Quiets. I will give it a try with Standard Velocity just to see if you are referring to the Hawke scope with no adjustment. It would be an interesting demonstration.

  • It does have a tiny cross in the center.

  • I plan on heading to Cabelas and or scheels after harvest to get my hands on some optics, there's a few interesting scopes but I have no experience with them that I'll want to look through (Bushnell Nitro line) which is a bit of a pain since it's an hour and a half drive.

    Thanks all.

  • @bigfoot I was referring to the hawke.

    Buying optics without adjustable parallax is pointless. Especially on a rimfire.

  • @orkan What the heck, I'm game. I even have some gopher targets. It's got to quit raining though.