Hunting Buddy

  • These is kind of a two sided thread. Some firearm content and some hunting. I really don't like hunting by myself. When my buddy Red got me fired up we always went hunting together and just about always with another guy we jokingly nicknamed "The Rifleman" from the TV series. It's an inside joke and has nothing to do with shooting. Anyway, we also would say that's your brother after all and sometimes he was my brother and sometimes Red's. His real name was Paul. Me, Red, and Paul. Paul was absent on this trip. About the rifle. I had heard tales of a magical cartridge that did it all from another full time hunting junkie that was also sort of a brother. His choice of chamberings was the modest .257 Roberts. At that time they were a bit hard to find unless some manufacturer did a classic or you located a used one. Me, being an amateur wanna be gunsmith decided I needed one. Well, I ended up with three I put together with the help of a real gunsmith in Refugio Texas. He did all the chambers and head spacing. I, with the help of my friend Paul welded new bolt handles on and I did the rest. Paul after all ran the welding school at the nuclear power plant here no one better to do that. All three were VZ 24 actions and one was in a Fajen laminated stock and two I reworked the hideous military stocks. I actually took a stab as some bolt jewelling and also knurled the bolt handle blank in a mini lathe at the shop I worked in. I kept one of the military stocked ones and sold the other two. This rifle is why I am writing this. I earlier robbed the Zeiss scope off of it to put on my 260 I am fooling with and today I set the scope back the on the 257 and had a flashback of the first trip out with it. Me and Red at my families ranch in South Texas before we sold the bigger pasture and I can't remember the exact year. His hair ain't red anymore and I'm about forty pounds heavier. Hell, he doesn't hardly have hair anymore me either. He dropped the nicer buck and a doe that morning and in one picture is pointing to it's ear. That's where the .270 entered. I shot a cull buck and one little pig for the BBQ pit with my new Robert's. Light recoil and with 115 grain bullets will anchor an animal if you hit the right. I made a mess of my deer I hit it in the neck but it also slit it's throat and bled profusely. The picture of me are with the pig and one rare one of me smiling. Red is in the other ones and he wouldn't let me near the animals when we were cutting them up. I didn't argue.
    Me and Reddo. That sticker on my window said " Dead On "