Why Should I Sing?

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    If you are like me, then singing is not something at which you excel. I might hum a tune occasionally, but singing is sure not something which I would consider desirable for those who might be listening. This reality is what makes singing as worship to God difficult. When we don’t like to sing or don’t believe we sound good singing, it can make us wonder why God would even want us to sing. Singing is something that for most is not natural or easy. So why should I sing to God?

    The main purpose we should sing to God is that it glorifies and praises Him. Singing is a form of submission to God and His will and a willingness to worship the way God has commanded. It is interesting that God never commands for singing to be beautiful, in harmony, or desirous to our ears, but rather singing is to be from the heart. When I think about singing from the heart, I can’t help but think of a young child that I know. She sings quite loud in worship to God. She is usually off key, on the wrong word, and sometimes even on the wrong verse of the song, but she knows she is singing from the heart. Her singing is more pleasing to God than a professional vocalist who doesn’t put his heart into the song. Her singing is loud enough that everyone in the room hears her and each one just smiles a little inside knowing the pureness of her heart and the sincerity in her voice.

    Our worship in song should be similar. I know people might hear. I know our singing might not be perfect. However when we put our heart and soul into our singing, it praises God. Almost every time singing is talked about, the heart is also discussed. Ephesians 5:19 says it is to be done “with your heart”. Colossians 3:16 says, “with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” 1 Cor 14:15 tells us to sing with our spirit and our mind also.” It is no wonder Jesus told us that we must be like little children. We must put our heart and soul into our worship to Him without concern for what those around us might think. This is true worship. This is worship as God desires and commands.

    I challenge you. Tomorrow when you are worshipping God with other Christians, put your heart and soul into the songs that you sing. Instead of focusing on what others might think or hear, concentrate on each word, the meaning, the purpose, and sing with a thankful mindset towards God.

    I challenge you. Throughout the upcoming weeks, make a practice of singing to God throughout the day. Sing when you are happy (James 5:13). Sing when you are facing difficulties (Acts 16:25). Sing when things are going smoothly and when adversity strikes. Sing to God from the heart. Singing is to show praise to God, but it will also remind us that God is in control. Singing will help us focus on the spiritual side of life instead of getting lost in the day to day physical distractions.