Winter showed up.

  • Winter arrived a bit early for my taste. Lows in the teens and 20's for the next week.


  • @orkan The temperature here is supposed to drop forty degrees tomorrow evening here on the gulf coast. It's going to take a while to cool us off it was almost ninety here yesterday. A little rain wouldn't hurt either.

  • @bigfoot Take our rain... please. lol

    We are literally 2 to 3 times our normal annual precipitation.

  • Yea we were picking beans in the rain last night since we were trying to get done with the wetter fields.

    All the fields are wet, but some are wetter. Just starting to snow here, but out in western nebraska the got lot.

  • @orkan South Texas will take it but not parts of South East Texas. Some places east of where I live have had over 100 inches this year. A couple of places got as much as forty five inches in a couple of days. Out where rr2241tx has his property I don't know when it rained last and my place towards San Antonio hasn't had it's yearly quota yet and continuous days of 100 degrees and up. We started off wet but when the faucet turned off that was it. With the exception of a couple of tropical downpours it's unusually dry here on the coast except for the eastern areas.

  • I had a rare opportunity to get pics of my coyote rifle in the snow. I still had to work pretty hard to get a shot without the bright green grass in the background. It was 70 sunday, and almost 60 yesterday, and we woke up to snow this morning...however the snow will all be gone by noon.


  • Very nice work.

  • @bigfoot Tow TX hasn’t had a decent shower since April. I culled my cows in June hoping it would rain in the Fall but no such luck. Loaded up the cull pen today for Monday’s sale but thin cows are bringing only about $15/cwt. Better than having them die on the range but not much better. All the young cows are way thinner than I’ve ever had to let them get. If we don’t get some serious rain and sunshine soon the Teats will be so High newborn calves won’t be able to reach them. Hay crop failed this year so my status as a genius cow man is getting really tarnished this year.

  • @rr2241tx Not a profession I'd want to be in, to be sure. Too many uncontrollable variables.

  • @rr2241tx We made it down to the ranch Friday. Still dry as a popcorn fart there too. The oats they planted on my place never had a chance only the deer have gotten to eat them. I will say it makes for a nice nature preserve and we get a show every morning when the deer make their way back to the brush west of us. When we arrived it was 85 degrees there and the next morning Kerrville just an our and a half drive or so was 32. A weak cold front stalled just east of Kerrville I guess. The last front dropped it into the twenties and it snowed a little around there but that southwest wind heated it right back up. My lessee was running around Saturday trying to catch a cow that still had afterbirth hanging out of her but when they finally caught her nature had done it's job and she was clean. He said something about giving her an injection and the calf was good so it all turned out fine. Kind of glad I missed all that fun. I wanted to buy some one time boy that would have been something. Talk about a drought happening.

  • Hell I wish we had some of the drought yal are getting its rained here in Mississippi 3 or 4 days a week since before Christmas. It’s the wettest year I remember. I’m in construction so it’s really hurting my business, got plenty of work lined up but can’t do any of it.

  • We have flooding in west TN. Everything is squishy. East Tennessee (Gatlinburg) has major flooding. Wish we could send some down there.

  • Here's the drought map for our area. If you move the cursor over the map it gives the county name. Where my property is it's one adjacent to the red area on the border that is Maverick and Zavala counties. We are in Frio County and rr2244 is somewhere around Blanco County I assume. Even Calhoun County which is next door to where I live on the coast is in an unusually dry pattern. We seem to be getting large amounts of rain at once then go through long dry spells here. We had close to eight inches in one day just a couple of weeks ago here. Crazy for sure.