22 creed still shoots.

  • Finally dragged out my 26" TS Customs 22 creedmoor rifle and confirmed zero today. It was right where I left it. With 80gr berger's doing 3,525 FPS and shooting like this, it's definitely good enough for smashing some fur.

    First three shots:

  • This is my 22cm from a few days ago. This was not my first group though. I had to zero it because I had the barrel out and scope off to Cerakote the rifle.

  • Took out one of my other 22 Creed setups. This one is setup for thermal.

    First shot high right, made an adjustment. Second shot low right, made an adjustment. Shot 3 more in the zone with two in the same hole. I'll call that good!


    Sure is nice having the swaro with the camera hooked up. I just swing the screen out and glance at it without having to get off the rifle. Zeroing thermal is usually a real pain in the butt. This made it simple!


  • @orkan Thats awesome. What thermal is that?

  • @curt1521 Trijicon Reap-Ir