Amazing Cheese Dip

  • What you'll need:
    1 block of velveeta cheese
    3 cans rotel original tomatoes
    1 roll of jimmy dean regular sausage (if you'd like to add a bit more spice buy the hot roll)
    1-2 bags of bite sized or scoops tortilla chips
    1 large glass bowl that will fit in microwave
    1 potato masher
    1 large fry pan

    1.) Dice up the block of Velveeta cheese into 1" squares, dump into glass bowl
    2.) Microwave cheese on 50% power for 10 minutes
    3.) At same time cheese is melting fry up the sausage using the potato masher to get the sausage into small/tiny pieces
    4.) Once sausage is done, dump sausage onto plate that has a couple paper towels on it
    5.) Cheese should be done about this time, pull it out, remove any burnt brown or black cheese, stir up real good
    6.) Dump all 3 cans of Rotel Tomatoes into the cheese and add the sausage. Stir and mix real good.
    7.) Place back in microwave for 10 minutes on high power (about half way through I like to stir the cheese mixture)
    8.) Remove any burnt cheese, stir really good, and serve with chips.

    Perfect for all you bachelors out there, a super bowl party or any get together.

    *If you don't have a microwave you can make this on the stove top in a soup pot or in your oven (or toaster oven if it's big enough). For stove or oven you will want to throw everything together before heating.

  • Healthy? No way.

    Delicious? Absolutely! :)