• I killed a bobcat one time. A friend of mine paid to have a rug made out of it and it was displayed in the office of Petro Amigos in Houston where he was a pipe buyer for offshore drilling rigs. I will say it was a rush going into some brush with my dog keeping it pinned down. She got chewed up pretty good and when I fired the first round at it left me at high speed. Lucky I stunned it with the first shot from my pistol and gave me time for a couple more one finding it's head. That thing was doing some spitting and hissing when I shot it the first time with my 22. I upgraded to a 22 Magnum and took on another one with a 9mm Glock but couldn't confirm a kill. It just jumped straight up and ran into the side of an old tractor shed and took off. I have seen many while deer hunting and never shot at them not wanting to blast a cat when deer were my targets. I have one now living or maybe raising a litter in my garage at the ranch. The last one I pulled the Glock on was in it too and piled out of there about three feet from me when I went to turn on the water system. Scared the you know what out of me. I put a bounty out on this one but lifted it before we left last Sunday. It seems one of the field hands watering peanuts up there has been feeding it. Guess we will give it a pass as long as it minds it's own business. Hopefully it will move on but we saw it twice while we were there. Lots of people that hunt don't mess with them and some ranches try to kill them all blaming the failing quail population on them and dead fawns they find. If I was to kill one I would make use of the pelt or have a mount done. Seems a waste to kill one and toss it over the fence for the buzzards. I hope to get the chance to video some long tail cats in that area this winter. I have a reliable source that swears we have several a couple of miles from my place. Better charge my camcorder batteries. Cell phone picture last Saturday morning.

  • I love bobcats! Can't wait to get one proper and get it mounted. I was down in texas and killed a few on night hunts... but it wasn't the same as calling something in out here in the wide open.

  • @orkan I guess you could lure one out with a rabbit call. I never intentionally hunted them. I knew some guys that used dogs to hunt at night in the wooded areas around here. I don't see them too much in the wide open usually they have cover pretty close. I have sat outside drinking coffee and catch them crossing the road by the house down there. The toms mark their territory like a domestic cat only with a higher volume of perfume. I hope I get a chance at the other cats they have spotted and maybe get a video.

  • @bigfoot Here's a 29lb specimen I got down there in south texas. Shot 14 bobcat on that trip. Seven in one night! Was pretty fun.


  • @orkan That's a big one. The one we had tanned was a male and stretched across the tailgate of a Dodge Ram mini truck. I have some 110 pictures of it in an album somewhere. The taxidermist showed me one that was close to forty pounds he was working on but it was a town cat and had been eating chickens pretty regular. Mostly fat and the guy killed it with a shotgun so it was messed up. I have a feeling the long tailed cats are ocelots they are seeing close to my place. Pretty sure they are protected species and there is a jagurandi I think they are called too but that would really be rare. They stay closer to Mexico and kind of look like a weasel. I see lights of a town in the background of that picture. I remember in a phone conversation I had with you that you mentioned going to Laredo a couple of years back. I got to go to a huge ranch almost to Laredo years ago as a guest. I saw lots of javelina's and very few deer. That place was huge, drove for an hour and a half from one gate to the next and never got to the back end of the place. They had two airports on it for small planes guess it was quicker to just fly from one end to the other. If you were at the Nunley Chittim Ranch that is paradise for varmints. They used to have a varmint hunt yearly there.

  • I found the picture of the one we had tanned. It's a picture of a picture so it's not too good. That's my dog Ruby standing by the truck still panting after getting a whipping from the cat. She had the bobcat held down under a little shrub out in the pasture about thirty feet. I was more worried about a rattlesnake than I was the cat at that point. I had a rifle with me but laid it down when I saw where the bobcat was and had to get low for a shot.