For those really stubborn bores...

  • So I've been troubleshooting an issue with a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel recently. The barrel in question has a round count of about 1200 and is mega fouled. Far more than it should be for the number of rounds. So we set out to figure out how to clean a barrel really well. Hours and hours of scrubbing with brushes and every solvent under gods creation... and nothing. Still carbon deposits. Boretech eliminator, butchs bore shine, wipe out/patch out +accelerator, and it was still fouled.

    This caused me to take a look at my own 6.5CM barrel, and it too had some pretty nasty carbon fouling built up. Here is the bore just in front of the chamber after about 6 hours of steady aggressive cleaning.

    Lands - You can see the lands have a carbon streak right down the center of them.

    Grooves - Plenty of copper left in the grooves. VERY aggressive cleaning, but there is still significant fouling.

    Josh had the awesome idea of using Flitz in the bore. I figured "why not?" Can't possibly do any worse. Well a learning moment was had! Here are the results attained in 10 minutes of polishing, that 6 hours of cleaning with traditional chemicals could not achieve.

    Lands -

    Grooves -

    I'm not suggesting that you need to go down to bare metal when you clean. However, if you're troubleshooting an issue with a rifle, sometimes you need to, just to be sure fouling isn't the culprit. About 50 strokes with Flitz, and there's likely to be nothing but bare metal left in there. Shines right up with minimal effort!

    Aside from the fact that the mirage is making it nearly impossible to shoot a group today, you can see that my groups are pretty well un-altered from the groups you've seen from this barrel recently. Maybe just a smidge better. Obviously the cleaning didn't do a whole lot for me. This barrel was pretty consistently 1/3moa once upon a time. As you can see it's over that now. That one stray hole is from something else a different day. I might have to go back after load development with this barrel and see if I can tighten things back up. ;)


  • Interesting, let us know what you find, sounds like a fairly low round count for that cartridge.

  • What's your opinion of KG-2 or JB bore paste?
    I think they're more aggressive than fitz would be. I doubt that either would remove any metal.

    Also I feel that this is an appropriate place to ask your opinion on copper equilibrium. Do you just decopper when the groups open up or do you have some other method?

    Gun cleaning is somewhat enigmatic to me.

  • I'm not a huge fan of the pastes. They typically have abrasives in them. Flitz is a chemical reaction, and scares me less since I can deactivate it with kroil.

    I typically clean when accuracy suffers until I know where that point is. Then I proactively clean before that round count happens.

  • So just dip a patch in flitz paste and go to town?

    I use the abrasive stuff but will give flitz a try

  • I used Bore Tips, which are little foam pellet type things which screw right onto your cleaning rod. Got one of those covered in flitz, and just ran it up and down the bore a few dozen times.

  • Greg have you seen the VFG bore pellets?

    That's what I have been using for cleaning, they've been awesome.

  • Yeah, I have been wanting to get setup for those. Brownells has had them out of stock forever.

  • I think I got them from brownells, just a small pack for the 22 and 260.

    Don't plan on switching any time soon.

    They make a scrubbing one with copper embedded into them as well.

  • I have a small pack of the 22 size vfg patches with the copper, but I ordered the wrong jag adapter thing for my dewey rod.

    What is the consensus on bore guides? I have a cheap caliber-specific, plastic one for each chambering I own. I just found some that consist of two interlocking pieces to prevent bowing.


  • I like the one piece plastic ones that seal up in your chamber with an O-ring.

  • We use the Possum Hollow one-piece plastic jobbies and have one for each cartridge family (.223, 308, Magnum). We've then got some small delrin pieces that we drilled and turned that slip on the rod and keep it centered in the bore guide.

    I just saw these on Sinclair.
    The same principle as I use or the Lucas bore guides. I figured someone had to make them other than Lucas. I would have bought these had I known they were out there.

  • Yea those look exactly like a Lucas but white.