Taxidermist fail

  • @brittel and I caught this big ol' rattler last year. Caught him live, with a shovel and a little all-weather bag. Stuffed him in the bag, sealed him up, and put him on dry ice. The very next morning he was shuttled to a local taxidermist.

    I lost my taxidermist I've used since I was 8yrs old to personal issues he was having in his life. Sadly, that put me on the hunt for a new taxidermist. I figured this would be a good creature to try out a new taxidermist on. Boy am I glad I didn't give him a trophy big game animal.

    If anyone knows a true master taxidermist... I'd love to talk to them to see if they can fix this disaster... as well as pick up any of my animals going forward. Would prefer someone in western south dakota.

    Here was the actual snake, when it was alive... taken with my DSLR.


    I gave the taxidermist the picture, and said I wanted the snake positioned exactly like that, color preserved exactly like that, and put on a background exactly like that. Just some grass and a tiny twig of sage brush. He said no problem, and said it would be done in august of 2019. Long wait from october 2018... but ok. I'm fine waiting for good work.

    Here's what was waiting for me to pick up yesterday.




    What a joke.

  • @orkan Whew. About all I can say. Looks like a blind hog snake. This guy tanned a snake hide for me and did a couple of rattler mounts for a friend of mine plus about a half dozen whitetail shoulder mounts for him also. He repaired a deer mount for my brother in law as well. The rattler mounts he did scare me every time I walk in his house. Quite a ways from your stomping grounds I'm afraid though. Man, that blue tongue would've looked good, and some eyeballs. Totally different colors on that snake than the ones we have down here.

  • Ooof.
    I've only had one thing mounted and that guy lives in Idaho.

  • I've lost 3 taxidermist's in the last 10 years. They just decided to stop doing heads and large mounts due to health issues and arthritis. It's scary as hell trusting a new taxidermist. Very hard to find a professional.

  • @donnie said in Taxidermist fail:

    Very hard to find a professional.

    Boy is it ever.