CZ 527 Varmint .17 hornet

  • Spent 150rnds on paper with my second CZ 527 a couple days ago. Factory federal (hornady) 20gr ammo. Rifle is bedded into the boyds pro varmint stock. I'm using a TBAC 22 Takedown suppressor and a S&B 5-25 PMII GenIIxr. I expected more from this rifle. I'm hoping handloads will reveal better performance. Decidedly unimpressive as it stands.


    Here's shots 101-150. Wasn't worth walking to the target for a better pic. The first 25 shots were about 2". Seems customary for small 17's to take a fair bit of seasoning before they start shooting well. My 17WSM's and 17HMR's have all been that same way. However, I don't recall my 17 Remington behaving the same way. It bug holed right off the start just like any of my other centerfires.