XLR chassis for hunting

  • Anyone have an opinion on the XLR chassis for just hunting. They just released the new 3.0 magnesium chassis that is only 28oz. I’m getting ready to build a new hunting rifle in 7LRM and thought someone may have some experience with XLR they would share.
    I’m just concerned the forearm would be a little wide for off hand shots.

  • I don't much care for chassis systems for purpose built hunting rifles. I like a nice McMillan stock.

  • I was initially thinking more of a traditional Mcmillan Game Warden stock. It’s probably about the same weight in the adjustable version and would perform better in most hunting scenarios.

  • @painless A titanium lone peak fuzion, carbon fiber McMillan A3A, with a proof barrel will come in around 8lbs. Add another couple pounds for TT315M with rings and you're right around 10lbs.

    You can get lighter, but you'll definitely have to start sacrificing something. Not sure I'd want to shoot a 8lb 7LRM that much.

  • This will be my go to for back country elk. So I would be ok with some punishment to save a pound or so.
    Got my DT for my typical ga whitetail gun, 1/2 to 1 mile walk!
    Definitely going with Lone peak, 22” Proof, Trap door BTM and TT 3-15M.