Pro 2a groups only care about money, not your rights

  • And I can prove it, and I’m talking about all of them, not just the NRA, every last one.

    Right now we are facing the greatest threat to the 2A I can remember, and what are these groups doing? Largely nothing, sending out emails telling you to call your reps and senators, and promising they’ll fight in the court.

    I don’t know much about fighting, I try to avoid fighting as much as I can, but even I know how ridiculous it is to put yourself at a disadvantage going into a fight, but that’s what they all seem to be doing.

    They’re all waiting to fight it in the court, which means that the laws will have to be written and passed first, which puts us at a huge disadvantage.

    The anti-gunners are winning because they use tactics that work, they organize, they show up, and they march, they hold huge rallies to show elected officials their numbers, and it works.

    Right now both Democrats and Republicans are working on anti-2a legislation, and what is the pro 2a side doing? Waiting, waiting to fight it in a court system that has largely ignored 2a cases since the Heller decision in 2008.

    There should be NRA, GOA, FPC backed marches on capital and assembly buildings going on all over the country and D.C. right now, but there’s nothing.

    Why? Because there’s no money in Marches. When you fight a court case you get donations, which you use to hire a law firm or lawyers which you own then you pay yourself off of other people’s donations.

    When you march you expend money, hiring busses you don’t own, buying supplies from stores you don’t own, and you can’t fear monger people into donating you money.

    Right now the NRA, GOA, and FPC among other groups should be activating their “3 Million plus” members to march on the capital, and assembly buildings of every state in the union along with a million man style march in D.C.

    Crickets, nothing, no one from those organizations has even mentioned the idea.

    At this rate losing the 2a seems inevitable, and I can only congratulate and admire the anti-2a side for putting up a better fight and using tactics that work.

    For years I’ve been telling anyone that will listen we need to adopt the tactics of the left in order to win, and no one’s listened. And now we see both parties pushing huge anti-2a bills with a “Republican” president who’s willing to sign it and at least one 2a organization who’s backing some of the bills.

    But those groups made a lot of money in the process.