trumpf proposes abrogating the Constitution

  • trumpf willing to abrogate the Constitution ...

    [quote]Trump suggests tightening background checks[/quote]

  • Wrote to both Kansas senators ... asking them to support the Constitution ...

    Senator Roberts/Moran: I see in the headlines this morning, "Trump suggests tightening background checks". The US Constitution exists to define the limits of Government power. The Second Amendment exists for two reasons:
    01 - Allow all able bodied citizens to be in constant preparation to aid the nation in repelling invaders or putting down insurrection. The founding fathers, did not want a large standing military (as we unfortunately have had since the end of WW2). Instead, the founding fathers wanted the States militias (both formed and unformed) to be ready to defend the nation at all times.
    02 - Protect the people against Tyranny. Several Federalist papers emphasize the belief of the founding fathers that the ultimate defense against tyranny lies with the people, the militia, both formed and unformed.
    Please ensure that the Constitution is not further abrogated along these lines.
    Thank You Sir !!
    Joe Wilkerson
    Eskridge, Kansas
    913 660 6727